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Bibliography Primary Sources The vast majority of the primary materials used in this work are housed in the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center Archives, Robins AFB, Georgia . The archives contain numerous Vietnam–era holdings, particularly Warner Robins Air Materiel Area (WRAMA), Contemporary Historical Evaluation of Current Operations (CHECO), Corona Harvest, and Strategic Air Command (SAC) documents, histories, and studies. Among the other primary source items are messages, letters, and memos among key political, military, and WRAMA players who participated in the AC-119 story. They also include military situation reports; end-of-tour reports; site team reports; mission reports; background reports; command, service, and secretary-level briefings; statements before Congress and other government agencies; speeches; press releases ; and transcripts. The vast majority of these primary sources were found in the files of government agencies such as the State Department and the Defense Department, the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, including the Committees on Foreign Affairs and Armed Services—Departments of the Air Force, Army, and Navy, as well as the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Other documents are in the National Archives in Washington, D.C., and College Park, Maryland; the Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon 298 bibliography presidential libraries; and the U.S. Air Force’s archival holdings at the Air Force Historical Research Agency at Maxwell AFB, AL. The papers examined include the following: Briefing (Unclassified/U). AC-119 System Program Office. “AC-119 Gunship Presentation: Avionics.” Jan 69. Feasibility Plan (U). USAF Dir/Ops. “Increased Gunship Force, Supplement and Summary Report.” 30 Apr 68. Letter (U). AFLC/MCM to WRAMA/CC. “Camouflage Painting.” 9 Jul 65. Letter (Secret/S). AFSC/SCG to USAF/AFCVC. “Deployment and Support of Gunship II/III weapon systems.” 29 May 69 (since declassified). Letter (U). Col. Ralph Johnson, WRAMA (WRP) to Fairchild-Hiller. [no subject]. 31 Jul 68. Letter (U). CSAF to SECAF. “Additional Gunship II Aircraft for Night Operations.” 13 Dec 67. Letter (U). CSAF to SECAF. “Gunship Aircraft.” 5 Jan 68. Letter (U). Defense Supply Agency (DSA). DCRO-DDCF to DCRO-DDCC-62. “Cost Analysis Report on Fairchild-Hiller, Subcontract No. 475–321–001, DARE, Inc., Troy, OH, #69–9-9G.” 9 Sep 68. Letter (U). Det 28 to Fairchild-Hiller. “Contract F09603–68-C-1633 Termination of Work, AC-119, S/N 53–8144 FAD13.” 2 May 68. Letter (U). Det 28/OCPKDC to WRAMA (WRN). “Contract F09603–68-C1633 .” 26 Jun 68. Letter (U). Fairchild-Hiller, Inc., AC-119G/K Project Manager to WRAMA (WRG). “Contract F09603–68-C-1633, Contract Funding.” 12 Aug 68. Letter (U). Fairchild-Hiller, Inc., to WRAMA. [no subject]. SAGA-30271. 4 May 68. Letter (U). Fairchild-Hiller, Inc., to WRAMA. “Letter Contract F09603–68-C1633 [originally dated 17 Feb 68], AC-119 Gunship.” 21 Aug 68. Letter (U). Fairchild-Hiller, Inc., to WRAMA (WRG). “Contract F09603–68-C1633 , Funding and Expenditures Data.” 11 Dec 68. Letter (U). Gen. J. P. McConnell, CSAF to Dr. Brown, SECAF. “Gunship Aircraft.” 26 Jan 68. Letter (U). HQ USAF/AFRDQ-A to WRAMA/CC. “M.R. No. 1445–1 (FS-1729/ C-47).” 12 Aug 65. Letter (U). HQ USAF/AFRDQ-P to AFLC/MCM. “M.R. 1445–24 (FS-1729/C47 ).” 15 Feb 67. Letter (U). HQ USAF/AFRDQ-P to WRAMA/CC. “M.R. No. 1445–2 (FS-1729/ C-47), Amendment to a Modification Requirement.” 8 Apr 66. Letter (U). HQ USAF/AFRDQ-P to WRAMA/CC. “M.R. 1445–3 (FS-1729/AC47 ).” 15 Jul 66. Letter (U). HQ USAF/AFRDQ-P to WRAMA/CC. “Modification Requirement No. 1445 (FS-1729/C-47).” 17 Jul 65. Letter (U). Lt. Col. W. C. Edwards, commander, Det 28, OCPKI, to FairchildHiller . “Contract F09603–68-C-1633.” 20 May 68. bibliography 299 Letter (U). OOPLDC to Fairchild-Hiller, Inc., “Approval of Purchase System.” 13 Mar 68. Letter (U). Philip N. Whittaker, assistant secretary of the air force for installations and logistics, to Sen. William Proxmire, chair, Subcommittee on Economy in Government. “Reply to Letter of 3 February 1970.” 2 Mar 70. Letter (U). Sen. William Proxmire, chair, Subcommittee on Economy in Government to Philip N. Whittaker, assistant secretary of the air force for installations and logistics. “AC-119 Program Cost Overruns.” 3 Feb 70. Letter (U). WRAMA to Fairchild-Hiller, Inc. “Letter Contract F09603–68-C0996 : AC-119 Prototype.” 11 Jan 68. Letter (U). WRAMA to Fairchild-Hiller, Inc. “Letter Contract F09603–69-C0144 .” 20 Sep 68. Letter (U). WRAMA (WRG) to AFLC/CC. “Contractor...


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