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Glossary AAA Antiaircraft Artillery AB Air Base ABCCC Airborne Battlefield Central Command and Control AC Attack Cargo ACO Administrative Contracting Officer ACO Air Force Contracting Office/Officer ADF Aircraft Destination Finder AF Air Force AFB Air Force Base AFCO Air Force Contract Office AFLC Air Force Logistics Command AFLCM AFLC Manual AFM Air Force Manual AFMR Air Force Modification Regulation AFPI Air Force Procurement Instruction AFR Air Force Regulation AFRES Air Force Reserve AFSC Air Force Systems Command AFSD Air Force Supply Directive AGE Aerospace Ground Equipment AGL Above Ground Level AMRL Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory AOR Area of Responsibility APU Auxiliary Power Unit 256 glossary ARVN Army of the Republic of Vietnam ASD Aeronautical Systems Division ASIP Aircraft Structural Integrity Program ATC Air Training Command BA Budget Authorization BDA Battle Damage Assessment BDSAF Battle Directive Secretary of the Air Force BP Budget Program CAC Continental Air Command CADRE Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research, and Education CAS Close Air Support CCTC Combat Crew Training Center CDR Critical Design Review CFAE Contractor-Furnished Aerospace Equipment CFE Contractor-Furnished Equipment CIA Central Intelligence Agency CIDG Civilian Irregular Defense Group CINCPAC Commander in Chief, Pacific Command CINCPACAF Commander in Chief, Pacific Air Forces CLSS Combat Logistics Support Squadron CMSgt. Chief Master Sergeant CONAC Continental Air Command CONOPS Concept of Operations CONUS Continental United States CSAF Chief of Staff of the Air Force CTS Contractor Technical Support DARE Dayton Aviation Radio and Equipment DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency Det 28 Detachment 28 DIA Defense Intelligence Agency DMZ Demilitarized Zone DoD Department of Defense ELINT Electronic Intelligence EOS Electro-Optical System glossary 257 ETR Eastern Test Range FAC Forward Air Control FACI First Article Configuration Inspection FAD-I Force Activity Designator of I FCS Fire-Control System FFP Firm Fixed Price FLIR Forward-Looking Infrared Radar FOB Forward Operating Base FOL Forward Operating Location FPI Fixed-Price-Incentive FSN Federal Stock Number GAPL Group Assembly Parts List GCI Ground Control Intercept GE General Electric Corporation GFAE Government-Furnished Aerospace Equipment GFE Government-Furnished Equipment GFP Government-Furnished Part GMC General Motors Corporation HARM High-Speed Antiradiation Missile (AN/AGM-88) HCOP Headroom Ceiling on Personnel HQ Headquarters IFF Identify Friend or Foe ILS Instrument Landing System IM Inventory Management IM Item Manager IO Illuminator Operator IR Infrared Radar IRAN Inspect and Repair as Necessary ISSL Initial Supply Support List JATO Jet-Assisted Takeoff JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff JPO Joint Program Office KGN Kearfott Guidance and Navigation Division, Singer, Inc. 258 glossary KIA Killed in Action LGB Laser-Guided Bomb LLLTV Low-Light-Level Television LORAN Long-Range Airborne Navigation LTVE Ling-Temco-Vought Electrosystems M&O Maintenance and Operational MAC Maximum Allowable Concentration MACV Military Assistance Command, Vietnam MAJCOM Major Command MDC Munition Data Conference MIL Military MOB Main Operating Base MOD Modification M/R Modification Requirement MR Military Region MSB Main Support Base MSgt. Master Sargent NKP Nakhon Phanom AB, Thailand NLF National Liberation Front NOD Night Observation Device NOS Night Observation System NVA North Vietnamese Army OCAMA Oklahoma City Air Materiel Area OCONUS Outside of the Continental United States OOAMA Ogden Air Materiel Area OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense OSS Office of Special Services PA Procurement Authorization PACAF Pacific Air Forces PAVN People’s Army of Vietnam PGM Precision-Guided Missiles/Munition PMD Program Management Directive P/N Part Number PO Program Office glossary 259 POL Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricant PRC People’s Republic of China QA Quality Assurance R&D Research and Development R&M Reliability and Maintainability RAF Royal Air Force RASS Rapid Area Supply Support RATO Rocket-Assisted Takeoff RD Reserve Depot RFA Request for Alteration RLAFB Royal Laotian Air Force Base ROC Rate of Climb RP Route Package RTAB Royal Thai Air Base RTAFB Royal Thai Air Force Base SAAMA San Antonio Air Materiel Area SAM Surface-to-Air Missile SAWC Special Air Warfare Center SEA Southeast Asia SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defense SECAF Secretary of the Air Force SECDEF Secretary of Defense SED Service Engineering Division SES Smoke-Evacuation System SLAD Sensor Light Angle Display SN Serial Number SOS Source of Supply SPO System Program or Project Office SRA Specialized Repair Activities SSgt. Staff Sergeant SSM System Support Manager TAC Tactical Air Command TACAN Tactical Air Navigation (System) TI Texas Instruments 260 glossary T/N Tail Number TO Technical Order TOT Time over Target TRIM Trails and Roads Interdiction Multisensor Aircraft (Grumman A6 Intruder) TSgt. Technical Sergeant TWX Telegraph Wireless Exchange UHF Ultrahigh Frequency USAF United States Air Force USC...


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