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Acknowledgments "Dialogue with Emmanuel Levinas" is the result of a seri(~s of interviews conducted, edited, and translated by Richard Kearney and reviewed by Levinas. It appeared in Richard Kearney, Dialogues with Contemporary Continental Thinkers (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1984), 49-69. "Bad Conscience and the Inexorable:' by Emmanuel Levinas, translated by Richard A. Cohen, first appeared under the title "La mauvaise conscience et l'inexorable" in Exerci.~es de la patience, no. 2 (Winter 1981): 109-113, in an issue devoted to Maurice Blanchot . It is reprinted with some changes in De Dieu qui vimt rll'idee by Levinas (Paris: Vrin, 1982) 258-265. "Our Clandestine Companion;' by Maurice Blanchot, translated by David B. Allison, appeared under the title "Notre compagne clandestine" in Textes pour Emmanuel Levinas, ed. F. Laruelle (Paris: Jean-Michel Place, 1980), 79-87. "Reason as One for Another: Moral and Theoretical Argument;' by Steven C. Smith, appeared in the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenolo,l!J', no. 3 (October 1981): 231-244. "Levinas' Question;' by Charles William Reed, was written for this collection. "Levinas' Logic," by Jean-Franl;ois Lyotard, translated by Ian McLeod, was published in abbreviated form under the title "Logique de Levinas" in lextes pour Emmanuel Levinas, 127-150. It will eventually be included in a larger work by Lyotard. x ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS "An Ethical Transcendental Philosophy:' by Theodore de Boer, translated by Alvin Plantinga, is a revised version of a chapter from de Boer's Tussen fiLos~fie en profetie (Baarn: Ambo, 1976). "Skepticism and Reason," by Jan de Greef, translated by Dick White, was written for this collection. Under the title "Scepticism et raison" it appeared in the Revue Philosophique de Louvain, 3 (1984). "Some Remarks on Hegel, Kant, and Levinas;' by Adriaan Peperzak, was first read at a colloquium on Levinas held at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, April 2, 1982. "Levinas and Derrida: The Question of the Closure of Metaphysics:' by Robert Bernasconi, is a revised version of a paper read at the Stony Brook Levinas colloquium of April 2, 1982. "The Sensuality and the Sensitivity;' by Alphonso Lingis, has been written for this collection. "The Fecundity of the Caress;' by Luce Iriguray, translated by Carolyn Burke, a fragment of which appeared in Land 2 (February 1982), first appeared in Exercises de La patience, 5 (Spring 1983): 119-137, in an issue devoted to "Le sujet expose." It also appeared as the final chapter of Irigaray's Ethique de la difference sexuelle (Paris: Minuit, 1984), 173-199. All articles used by permission of the authors. ...


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