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Acknowledgments This book would not have happened without the input and direction of many people. The women and men I interviewed are the first ones I want to thank because their comments changed the shape of the book; because of them, I learned to look at the African American folk healing with new eyes. I, alone, did not find all the people I interviewed. David Daniels, Rosalind Hinton, and Brenda Miller introduced me to healers across the country and made the scope of the book possible. Janet Langlois, at Wayne State University in Detroit, facilitated locating the Folk Archives, which are an important source for this book. Margaret Raucher and the staff in the Walter P. Reuther Library of Labor and Urban Affairs at Wayne State made my time in the Folk Archives easier because of their assistance, even with cranky tape recorders . A research fund award from the University of Detroit Mercy College of Liberal Arts and Education provided some needed financial assistance to complete my research. Conversations with others helped me refine the writing, particularly Linda Barnes and Ann Eskridge who listened and advised along the way. Jennifer Hammer, with patience and support, provided editorial wisdom that I sorely needed. I am grateful to each of these who shared stories and expertise and resources. Thank you. ix ...


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