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| vii Contents Preface ix Mary Beth Norton Acknowledgments xi Introduction: New Men: 1 Feminist Histories of Manliness in Early British America Thomas A. Foster Part I. Settlement 1 Gentlemen and Soldiers: 9 Competing Visions of Manhood in Early Jamestown John Gilbert McCurdy 2 Indian and English Dreams: Colonial Hierarchy and 31 Manly Restraint in Seventeenth-Century New England Ann Marie Plane Part II. Warfare 3 “We are men”: Native American and Euroamerican 51 Projections of Masculinity During the Seven Years’ War Tyler Boulware 4 Real Men: Masculinity, Spirituality, and Community in 71 Late Eighteenth-Century Cherokee Warfare Susan Abram Part III. Atlantic 5 “Blood and Lust”: Masculinity and Sexuality in 95 Illustrated Print Portrayals of Early Pirates of the Caribbean Carolyn Eastman viii | Contents 6 “Banes of Society” and “Gentlemen of Strong Natural Parts”: 116 Attacking and Defending West Indian Creole Masculinity Natalie A. Zacek 7 “Impatient of Subordination” and “Liable to Sudden 134 Transports of Anger”: White Masculinity and Homosocial Relations with Black Men in Eighteenth-Century Jamaica Trevor Burnard Part IV. Enactment 8 “Effective Men” and Early Voluntary Associations in 155 Philadelphia, 1725–1775 Jessica Choppin Roney 9 “Strength of the Lion . . . Arms Like Polished Iron”: 172 Embodying Black Masculinity in an Age of Slavery and Propertied Manhood Kathleen M. Brown Part V. Revolution 10 Of Eloquence “Manly” and “Monstrous”: The Henpecked 195 Husband in Revolutionary Political Debate, 1774–1775 Benjamin H. Irvin 11 John Adams and the Choice of Hercules: Manliness and 217 Sexual Virtue in Eighteenth-Century British America Thomas A. Foster 12 “Play the Man . . . for Your Bleeding Country”: 236 Military Chaplains as Gender Brokers During the American Revolutionary War Janet Moore Lindman Afterword: Contending Masculinities in Early America 256 Toby L. Ditz About the Contributors 269 Index 271 ...


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