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Acknowledgments This book owes its inception to Paul Boyer, who, during his years as Chair of the Center for the History of Print Culture in Modern America , deftly identified important opportunities and topics for our consideration . Founded in 1992 as a joint program of the Wisconsin Historical Society and the University of Wisconsin–Madison, the Center focuses on the diverse cultural forms that the historical sociology of print in America has comprehended from circa 1875 to the present. Boyer’s suggestion that the Center explore print culture’s role in the American religious experience both fit this mission perfectly and identified a field of inquiry that begged for scholarly engagement. Consequently, the Center dedicated a conference to the subject on 10–11 September 2004. The articles collected here enhance the investigation begun then. Elaborations of shorter papers, they represent only a select fraction of the original presentations, which sample in turn emerged from a much larger universe of proposals. The Center’s numerous projects (for more details, including our mission statement, see enlist the wisdom and energy of many people. The list of conference panelists reflected the careful deliberations of Rima Apple, Ronald L. Numbers, Stephen L. Vaughn, Phyllis Weisbard, William J. Reese, and Charles Cohen, members of the Center’s Advisory Board. The conference arrangements reflected the consummate professionalism of Jane Pearlmutter , assistant director, and Erin Meyer, the Center’s research coordinator , both members of the School of Library and Information Studies, the Center’s administrative home. Designing colloquia, the annual meeting , and biennial conferences always demands the good offices of the Advisory Board, who, in addition to those already cited, include: James L. xix Baughman, Russ Castronovo, Greg Downey, Michael Edmonds, Kenneth Frazier, Michael Fultz, Peter Gottlieb, Tracy Honn, Madge H. Klais, Mary N. Layoun, Caroline Levine, Anne Lundin, Tony Michels, Adam Nelson, Louise S. Robbins, John L. Rudolph, Cherene Sherrard, Micaela Sullivan-Fowler, and David Zimmerman. This volume, the sixth to be published by the University of Wisconsin Press as part of the series Print Culture History in Modern America, has benefited from the encouragement and support of Sheila Leary, interim director of the University of Wisconsin Press, and Gwen Walker, acquisitions editor. The editorial and production process was eased by the work of Paul Hedges, Matt Levin, Terry Emmrich, Carla Aspelmeier , and Sheila Moermond.  .  Director, Center for the History of Print Culture in Modern America xx Acknowledgments ...


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