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Contents Preface  xi Introduction  1 Part I. Prominent Searchers in the Past   1. A Pedagogy of the Heart: Saint Bonaventure’s Spiritual Itinerary  23   2.  Walking Humbly with Your God: Jñanadev and the Warkari Movement  40   3.  Wise Ignorance: Nicolaus of Cusa’s Search for Truth  58   4.  The Natural Theology of the Chinese: Leibniz and Confucianism  80   5. Montesquieu’s Persian Letters: A Timely Classic  95   6.  Beautiful Freedom: Schiller on the Aesthetic Education of Humanity  116 Part II. A Pedagogy for Our Troubled Times   7.  Why the Classics Today? Lessons from Gadamer and de Bary  141   8.  Canons or Cannons? On Mobilizing Global Democracy  154   9. An End to Evil: Conquest or Moral Pedagogy?  167 10.  Transnational Citizenship: Paths beyond the Nation-State  188 11. Religious Freedom: Preserving the Salt of the Earth  205 12.  Love and Justice: A Memorial Tribute to Paul Ricoeur  220 Appendixes A. Multiculturalism and the Good Life: Comments on Bhikhu Parekh  237 B. Modalities of Intercultural Dialogue: UNESCO at Sixty  246 C.  In a Different Voice: Some Afterthoughts on Violence  254 D.  Building Peace—How?  260 Notes  267 Index  311 ...