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349 Richard Avramenko is assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he teaches political science and integrated liberal studies. George W. Carey is professor of government at Georgetown University, where he teaches American political theory. He is author of The Federalist: Design for a Constitutional Republic and editor emeritus of The Political Science Reviewer. Timothy Fuller is Lloyd E. Worner Distinguished Service Professor and professor of political science at Colorado College. Most recently he has published “The Idea of the University in Newman, Oakeshott and Strauss”; “Eric Voegelin on the Idea of Law”; The Intellectual Legacy of Michael Oakeshott, coedited with Corey Abel. Jürgen Gebhardt is emeritus professor of political science at Friedrich-Alexander University , Erlangen-Nürnberg, and director of the Bavarian-American Contributors 050 contr (349-352) 3/20/08 12:54 PM Page 349 Academy, Munich. He has published extensively on political theory, history of political ideas, and comparative politics. His most recent book is Politik, Hermeneutik, Humanität. Thomas Heilke is professor of political science and associate vice provost of International Programs at the University of Kansas. He has published a variety of books and articles on a range of topics, including political ideologies, the political thought of Friedrich Nietzsche, Eric Voegelin, the Radical Reformers, and classical political thought. His current work is primarily in the area of political philosophy and religion. John von Heyking is associate professor of political science at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. He is the author of Augustine and Politics as Longing in the World, along with articles on just war, deliberative democracy, Islamic political thought, Nicholas of Cusa, and religious liberties under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He coedited volumes 7 and 8 of the Collected Works of Eric Voegelin. Joshua Mitchell is professor, and former chair, of the Department of Government at Georgetown University. He is the author of The Fragility of Freedom: Tocqueville on Religion, Democracy and the American Future. His most recent book is Plato’s Fable: On the Mortal Condition in Shadowy Times. Walter Nicgorski is professor in the Program of Liberal Studies and concurrent professor in the Department of Political Science of the University of Notre Dame. He is editor emeritus of The Review of Politics and has written on Cicero, Leo Strauss, as well as on liberal and character education. James M. Rhodes is professor emeritus of political science, Marquette University. He is the author of Eros, Wisdom, and Silence: Plato’s Erotic Dialogues and The Hitler Movement: A Modern Millenarian Revolution. He is a winner of the Pere Marquette Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence. 350 T Contributors 050 contr (349-352) 3/20/08 12:54 PM Page 350 Stephen Salkever is Mary Katharine Woodworth Professor of Political Science at Bryn Mawr College. He is the author of Finding the Mean: Theory and Practice in Aristotelian Political Philosophy, and a number of articles and chapters on ancient and modern political philosophy. Jeanne Heffernan Schindler is a member of the Department of Humanities at Villanova University and an affiliate professor in the Villanova Law School. Trained as a political scientist, Professor Schindler’s primary research field is political theory, though her interests are interdisciplinary. She has lectured and published articles on Christian political thought, democratic theory, and faith and learning. She has recently edited a volume on Christianity and civil society to be published shortly by Lexington Books. Travis D. Smith is assistant professor of political science at Concordia University in Montreal. His 2005 dissertation on the role of medicine in the founding of the modern project, “On the Generation of New Natures,” received the Robert Noxon Toppan prize for that year’s best essay or dissertation on a subject of political science at Harvard University. Contributors T 351 050 contr (349-352) 3/20/08 12:54 PM Page 351 050 contr (349-352) 3/20/08 12:54 PM Page 352 ...


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