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Abbreviations A≈ Aitareya ≈raˆyaka AU Aitareya Upani∑ad BU B®hadåraˆyaka Upani∑ad CU Chåndogya Upani∑ad DN D¥gha Nikåya JB Jaimin¥ya Bråhmaˆa JUB Jaimin¥ya Upani∑ad Bråhmaˆa KaU Ka†ha Upani∑ad K∑U Kau∑¥taki Upani∑ad MDS Månava Dharmaßastra§V §gveda Í≈ Íå∫khåyana ≈raˆyaka ÍB Íatapatha Bråhmaˆa ÍU Ívetåßvatara Upani∑ad T≈ Taittir¥ya ≈raˆyaka TU Taittir¥ya Upani∑ad xiii This page intentionally left blank. ...


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