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>33. Salves Camille’s days were long through the fall of 1919.As she spent hour after hour trying to nurse Margery Rose, she had plenty of time to think. At six months Margery Rose still refused to eat mashed fruits or even drink from a bottle, and Camille had a terrible time getting enough breast milk into her to sustain her. She couldn’t stop trying long enough to take a trip into town, so she kept up with the events of the world at large through the daily newspaper. Over tea every day, she watched as the women she used to campaign with voted on current issues, planned Christmas socials, and posed with their perfectly healthy daughters in velvet dresses and starched white pinafores—themselves modeling the new styles of the modern woman with waistlines sinking lower and skirts inching shorter every month. It worried her that Margery Rose had not tried to sit up on her own, so Camille spread a blanket on the floor every morning and propped her up with pillows for short intervals while she tried to get work done between feedings. Coral’s presence on Tuesdays and Thursdays became the highlight of her week. Daisy bustled around the house and played with her toys while Margery Rose watched. On pleasant days, Daisy played in the yard while Camille and Coral took turns holding Margery Rose and weeding the gardens. Because of her time constraints, Camille couldn’t get nearly as much baked for the holidays as usual, so Coral 278 brought Daisy over one Saturday to help make and decorate spice cookies and gingerbread men with the boys.The following Monday morning, Camille resolved she would find a way to get the house decorated and, after a great deal of trial and error, mastered the ability to string cranberries and bay leaves into garlands while she nursed.The sound of the doorbell startled her. Eveline hardly came over any more, and Camille had not ordered any deliveries. She quickly set her garland aside and pulled Margery Rose from her breast. She covered herself with her free hand as she carried her daughter to the door and opened it a crack. “Morgan!” Camille flung the door open and pulled Morgan Jones inside. “I’m sorry,” Morgan blurted. “I would’ve called, but Durwood had the phone taken out.” “I’m so glad to see you,” Camille smiled. “Let me take your hat and scarf.” Morgan’s shoulders tightened as she looked into Camille’s face and down at Margery Rose falling asleep in her arms. She hesitated before she removed her cloche hat and knit scarf and set them on the entry table. She had new bruises on her neck, and Camille noticed a slight limp as she led her to the divan.“I’ll make tea,” she said as she bent to rearrange the pillows on the floor before she set Margery Rose down for a nap. Morgan leaned forward.“May I hold her?” she asked. “Of course.” Camille gently laid Margery Rose in her arms and watched as Morgan’s lips tightened.A tear sparkled on her cheek. “She’s so beautiful,” Morgan whispered, “like a little China doll.” Camille hurried into the kitchen, brewed some chamomile tea, and put some spice cookies on a plate.When 279 Salves she returned to the parlor, Morgan was still gazing intently at Margery Rose in her arms and rocking her gently.“You can set her down when your arms grow tired,” Camille offered as she placed the tray on the coffee table. “I love holding her,”Morgan responded as she looked up. “I’ve had you on my mind,” Camille said. “I’ve been so worried about you.We stopped by a couple of times and then . . .” “I was home when you came,” Morgan interrupted,“but I couldn’t open the door. Durwood said he’d have you arrested if you ever stepped foot in his house again. I couldn’t risk him harming you in any way. That’s why I had to come today.” “Did someone drop you off?” Camille asked. “No.” Morgan’s face flushed as she shook her head. “I walked. He’s gotten worse. He can’t know I came.” Camille touched her hand.“I promise I won’t tell, but I can’t believe you walked so far. It must be five miles or more to your house.” “I had to warn you,” Morgan continued.“Ever since you...


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