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Acknowledgments This book could not have been written without the assistance of Jeffrey M. Burns, the director of the Chancery Archives of the Archdiocese of San Francisco; Susan Goldstein, Pat Akre, Christina Moretta, Tami J. Suzuki, and their colleagues at the San Francisco History Center of the San Francisco Public Library; Susan Sherwood and Catherine Powell of the Northern California Labor Archives and Research Center of San Francisco State University ; and Linda Wobbe, the archivist of the College of St. Mary’s of California. Thanks are also due to the librarians and staff of the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley; the Anne Rand Research Library of the International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union; the Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research; the California State Archives, for supplying a copy of the Tenney Committee hearings shortly after they were made available for research; and librarians and archivists at the National Archives and the Library of Congress. I thank Robert W. Cherny, Jeffrey M. Burns, Constance Holmes, Mary Claire Heffron, and Marjorie Lasky for reading and commenting on all or parts of the manuscript, and Kathleen Maggiora Rogers of the Associazione Piemontesi nel Mondo of Northern California for her interest in and support of my research about the Piemontesi. Thanks are also due to Kenneth Burt for sending me copies of several useful documents that he discovered in his own research on Catholics and California politics. Further, I thank Andrew Canepa, Peter D’Agostino, John P. Diggins, Stefano Luconi, Matteo Pretelli, and Stephen Schwartz, who generously replied to my e-mail research queries; David Cicoletti, who supplied information about the Andriano family; Rose Marie Cleese, who provided information about the close friendship between her grandfather, mayor Angelo Rossi, and Sylvester Andriano; and my research assistants, George Malachowski, Giovanna Palombo, and John Rosen. A brief account of the subject of this book appeared in print as “‘Still Potentially Dangerous in Some Quarters’: Sylvester Andriano, Catholic Action, and Un-American Activities in California,” Pacific Historical Review 75, no. 2 (May 2006), 231–270. I thank the University of California Press for permission to reprint some of the text of that article, the editors of the journal and their readers for comments on the manuscript for the article, and the readers who commented on the book manuscript for Temple University Press. Responsibility for any errors or omissions that may have escaped my attention is mine alone. I also thank Zane Miller for suggesting that I consider publishing my book in his Temple University Press series, and I acknowledge the friendly and professional assistance of the Temple team: Mick Gusinde-Duffy, Lynne Frost, Gary Kramer, Emily Taber, Kimberley C. Vivier, and David M. Wilson. viii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ...


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