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Figures 1. Book of Sainte Foy's Miracles, Abbey Church of Sainte Foy 2. Village of Conques from far side of Ouche River gorge 3. Abbey Church of Sainte Foy, from the south 4. Carolingian crown, detail of reliquary-statueof Sainte Foy 5. Reliquary-statue of Sainte Foy 6. Christ in Glory, possibly part of tenth-century altar frontal 7. Castle of Najac, Aveyron 8. Tympanum, Abbey Church of Sainte Foy 9. Hand of God recognizing Foy as intercessor, detail of tympanum 10. Historiated initial S from beginning of Passio 11. Bridge on the way to Santiago de Compostela 2 5 7 9 II 12 15 19 20 23 30 This page intentionally left blank ...


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