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ix Acknowledgments I can start nowhere else but with a heartfelt thank-you to my mentor Carole Joffe. Her support over the past decade has been steadfast and essential. Carole is an inspirational model for engaged academia, never losing sight of the bigger picture and its constituents. I am grateful to Drew Halfmann for his incisive feedback and masterful way of helping me understand what I was trying to say (and then saying it back more beautifully). ­Sharon Kaufman has been a burst of intellectual stimulation for me, offering new theoretical challenges, exciting reframing of ideas, and (when most critical )deadlines!LizRoberts,myfriendandmostinformalmentor,hasbeen enormously influential at pivotal moments, elucidating aspects of power that helped me place my analyses in a broader historical and cultural context . I thank Danielle Bessett, Kira Foster, Tracy Weitz, an anonymous Vanderbilt reviewer, and all of my amazing colleagues at ansirh and the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health here at the University of California, San Francisco, for helping me refine my thinking on this book in its later stages. I am most deeply indebted to Jody Steinauer, Uta Landy, and Phil Darney for identifying the need for this research and then supporting me in multiple ways to undertake it. This research was generously supported by the Kenneth J. Ryan Program, the Mary and Lloyd Schwall Fellowship at UC Davis, and a block grant from the Department of Sociology at UC Davis. And it could not have happened without the kindness of the four unnamed residency programs, their directors and administrators who helped connect me with graduates from their programs, and, of course, the physicians themselves whom I interviewed for this research. Also of critical importance were Cynthia Harper, Joe Speidel, Jody Steinauer, and x   willing and unable Tracy Weitz, who made it possible for me to finish the book in a timely manner through my visiting scholarship at the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health at UCSF. Thank you to Michael Ames at Vanderbilt University Press for his interest and confidence in the book project, and to copy editor Jessie Dolch, managing editor Ed Huddleston, and indexer Alexa Selph for contributing their talents and their extraordinary attention to detail. I also thank Vicki Smith, Lyn Lofland, Laura Grindstaff, Fred Block, Jim Cramer, Ming-cheng Lo, Patrick Carroll, and Deborah Paterniti from the Department of Sociology at UC Davis for their meaningful contributions to my intellectual development—as well as Kristin Luker at Berkeley foranunforgettableyearlongseminaronmorality.IthankBimlaSchwarz, Debbie Bamberger, Rebecca Jackson, and Alisa Goldberg for giving me my start and patiently educating me in technical aspects of reproductive health care and research. I am grateful to members of my writing group— Julie Collins, Joan Meyers, Magdalena Vanya, Jennifer Gregson, Macky Yamaguchi, Alie Alkon, Dina Biscotti, Jaime Becker, and Julie Setele— for providing excellent conditions for productivity, fun, and intellectual growth. I am also grateful to Joe Eisenberg and Sue Wilson for lending me their critical minds on many a needed occasion in addition to their outstanding companionship. Thank you to several close friends who have helped me talk this book through (while running, cooking, watching children, etc.) over the past few years: Deborah Barron, Kate Delaplane, Steve Feierabend, Amy Gordon , Debra Hill, Jennifer Mangel, Emily Merideth, Robert Ratner, Jen Schradie, Jennifer Tuveson, Tanya Williams, Anna Wong, and, especially, Kristina Ryan, who has probably logged the most hours helping me make sense of it all. I am eternally grateful to my midwives, Cindy Haag and Griselda Hernandez, for helping me get my babies out! (Definitely harder than the book.) And with those babies came a huge network of supporters , especially caregivers, preschool communities, and teachers, who have all brought much needed wisdom and confidence to this child-rearing­endeavor. I am grateful to my mother, Judy Freedman, for the loving child care and endless commitment to my academic success, up to the last printout. Thanks to Bill Skoonberg for his helpfulness in every way and to my sis- acknowledgments   xi ter, Lisa Freedman, for understanding me. Thank you to my father, Jonah Freedman, for the visits and garden support, and for just listening. Thank you to my grandparents, Lil and Leo Simon and Sol and Violet Freedman, for their faith and support from day one. And many thanks to Chandrajyoti Wildfire and Ziv Tzvieli for all of the love they show the kids and for providing a much needed safety net at crunch times. Of course, the biggest thank-you of all goes to Ori Tzvieli. I...


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