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ix Acknowledgments This study was first undertaken at Auburn University. I am grateful to all members of the Auburn University History Department, who helped me enter the profession and gave me intellectual support and stimulus. I carried out preliminary research on the topic of child labor in Moscow and St. Petersburg with the help of generous travel grants from Auburn University. I am thankful to the staffs of the State Archive of the Russian Federation (GARF), the Central Historical Archive of Moscow (TsIAM), the Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts (RGADA ), the Russian State Historical Archive (RGIA), the Russian Public Library, and the State Historical Library. I would like to thank professors Jane Burbank of New York University and Dan Szechi of the University of Manchester for their intellectual encouragement and support. Most especially I wish to express my gratitude to Professor Michael Melancon for more than a decade of inspiration and for repeatedly helping to light the way. Various parts of this book have been presented at conferences , and I am thankful to all panel participants and discussants, who gave me many helpful comments, suggestions, and encouragement. I am also grateful to Peter Kracht, the editorial director of the University of Pittsburgh Press, for his constant support and encouragement and to the manuscript’s reviewers for a multitude of helpful suggestions. My final thanks go to my mother, who patiently accepted my presence in her home in Moscow during innumerable research trips and who always gave me love and support. Russia’s Factory Children ...


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