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v Contents Series Editors’ Preface vii Acknowledgments ix I n t r o d u c t i o n Abolitionism and Political Thought in Britain and East Africa Derek R. Peterson 1 o n e African Political Ethics and the Slave Trade John Thornton 38 t w o 1807 and All That Why Britain Outlawed Her Slave Trade Boyd Hilton 63 t h r e e Empire without America British Plans for Africa in the Era of the American Revolution Christopher Leslie Brown 84 f o u r Ending the Slave Trade A Caribbean and Atlantic Context Philip D. Morgan 101 vi Contents f i v e Emperors of the World British Abolitionism and Imperialism Seymour Drescher 129 s i x Abolition and Imperialism International Law and the British Suppression of the Atlantic Slave Trade Robin Law 150 s e v e n Racial Violence, Universal History, and Echoes of Abolition in Twentieth-Century Zanzibar Jonathon Glassman 175 Bibliography 207 Contributors 229 Index 231 ...


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