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Notes CHAPTER I I. Rebecca Dinsmore. "Archaeological Perspective of the Lumber Industry in Northern Lower Michigan. 1865-1920" (Master's thesis. Western Michigan University. 1985). I. 2. Lake County Historical Society. Lake County: A Collection of Historical Writings (MTM printing and graphics). 3. Rolland H. Maybee. Michigan's White Pine Era. 1840-1900 (Lansing: Michigan History Division. Michigan Department of State. 1976). 0-29; Barbara E. Benson. Logs and Lumber. The Development ofthe Lumber Industry in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. 1837-1870 (Mount Pleasant: Clarke Historical Library. Central Michigan University. 1989). 15-31; William G. Rector. Log Transportation in the Lake States Lumber Industry. 1840-1918 (Glendale. Calif.: Arthur Clark Company. 1953). 281. 4. Richard Thomas. The State ofBlack Detroit: Buildingfrom Strength (Detroit: Detroit Urban League. 1987). 5. Leon Litwack. Trouble in Mind: Black Southerners in the Age ofJim Crow (New York: Vintage Books. 1998). 492-93. 6. Ibid. 7. Pehyun Wen. "Idlewild-A Negro Village in Lake County. Michigan" (Master's thesis. University of Chicago. 1972). 70--'73. It was not unusual for unscrupulous speculators to dope the soil. They would simply mix cow manure into poor soil and then grow flowers in the area to convince buyers that the soil was fertile. 8. Aurey D. Strophpaul. article in the Grand Rapids Press. 15 October 1946. n.p. 9. Idlewild Resort Company paper. Drafted by a member (Fred) of the Branch extended 249 BLACK EDEN: THE IDLEWILD COMMUNITY family and provided by John Meeks of Idlewild. 10. Nicole Christian, "Town Works to Revive Its Image as 'Black Eden,'" New York Times, 27 June 2000. II. Ann Gregory Hawkins and Henry Gregory Jr. papers. "Founding of Idlewild," mimeographed article in vertical files under Idlewild, Michigan, Michigan History Division, Department of State, Lansing, Michigan. 12. "Idlewild Resort Company Articles of Agreement," vertical files, Archives for the State of Michigan, State of Michigan Library, Lansing, Michigan. 13. Liber 77, Lake County, Register of Deeds Office, 536, Carole Engelsman, clerk; for other similar descriptions see Liber 60, 164. 14. The Lincoln Jubilee was a gathering to commemorate fifty years of black progress in America. It usually occurred on the anniversary of the day that the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution was ratified. IS. With the passing ofyears, the Paradise Lake Resort, though it started as a separate entity, came to be thought ofby many as a part ofthe original Idlewild. It is located roughly three miles from Idlewild Lake. 16. Frances Hill, "Her Middle Name is 'Spunk'-Meet Lela Wilson," Negro Digest, November 1963, 66-67ยท 17. Liber 77, Lake County, Michigan, 215. 18. Ibid. 19. Idlewild Chamber of Commerce, "Folder in the interest of IDLEWILD," n.d., p. 6. 20. Idlewild Resort Company Brochure, Chicago, circa 1917-1919, passim. 21. Ibid. 22. Madame C. J. Walker was an African American millionnairess in the early 1900S who made her fortune on hair cafe and skin products for black women. She also made a profit by selling real estate in the Indianapolis area. The writers found no evidence indicating that a Walker School of Cosmetology was established in Idlewild. However, beauticians trained in the Walker style ofhair care were frequently available for demonstrations, especially at the 1926 and 1927 carnivals and chautauquas. 23. "Idlewild: A Place in the Sun," WDIV (channel 4 in Detroit, Michigan) video documentary , produced by Mr. Ted Talbert. 24. Interview with Ms. Josephine Love. who maintained it was not unusual to see or read about whites, and a few northern blacks, who took advantage of the growing black consumer market, created by the mass migrations from the rural South to northern industrial cities. 25. Interview with Ms. Carol Hogan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, March 1981. The document was a part ofthe Hogan family papers. Charlie Gass, her great uncle, had the letter, which he carried while selling Idlewild lots in the Kent County area. 26. Attorney of Idlewild booklet, n.d., n.p., vertical files, Archives for the State of Michigan, State of Michigan Library, Lansing, Michigan; interview with Ms. Josephine Love, Heritage House, Detroit, Michigan, February 1981. According to Robert Raskins, a former active Garveyite, a branch of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (U.N.l.A.) was located there too. 27. Idlewild Chamber of Commerce "Folder in the interest of IDLEWILD," n.d., p. 2. Notes 28. W. E. B. DuBois, "Hopkinsville, Chicago, and Idlewild," Crisis Magazine, n.d... vertical files, Archives for the State of Michigan, State of Michigan Library, Lansing, Michigan. 29. "Idlewild: A Place in the...


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