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Acknowledgments Introduction Contents I. Establishing the Foundations of a Black Resort in Michigan Early History: A Logging Community in Michigan; Racial Segregation, Northern Style; The Formative Years and the Idlewild Resort Company, 1915-1927; The Contractual Agreement; The IRC Plan; Sociological Illuminations 2. Continuation of a Good Deal The Formation ofIdlewild Summer Resort Company; Articles ofAssociation; The Idlewild Summer Resort Company Plan ofDevelopment; The Business District in Idlewild; Sociological Illuminations 3. The Popular Place to Be ix xi 1 29 47 Promotion ofthe Resort; Special Music and Poems Written for Idlewild; The Emergent Cleavages at Idlewild; The Skin Color Factor: Intraracial Strife and Problems ofSocial Distance; Other Related Developments; Sociological Illuminations v BLACK EDEN: THE IDLEWILD COMMUNITY 4. An Emergent Black Entertainment Showcase 69 The Chitlin Circuit; The Significance of Idlewild Clubs to Entertainers; White Music Lovers at Idlewild; On Stage at Idlewild; Escape to Woodland Park for Rest; Nature, Swimming, Boating, and Horseback Riding; Some Famous Athletes at Idlewild; Sociological Illuminations 5. Some Intended and Unintended Consequences in the Black Community During the Civil Rights Era 121 Living in a Caste System in the United States; The Civil Rights Movement versus the Caste System; On Integration: A New Phase and a New Crisis; Self-Validation, SelfActualization , and Identity; The Dual Challenge: Transforming America through Integration versus Racial Solidarity; Some Shortcomings of Public Accommodations Act and Integration; Did Public Accommodations Act Alone Kill Idlewild?; Idlewild Will Always Be There!; "Greener Pastures"; Lack of Leadership and Vision; An Incomplete Infrastructure: Another Factor; The Passing ofthe Great Ones; Idlewild: A Question of Survival; Sociological Illuminations 6. A Snapshot of Idlewild's Contemporary Social Status 149 Social Structure of Idlewild; Some Social Demographics; The Business Picture in Idlewild; The Employment and Income Situation; Crime and Delinquency in the Township; The Housing Dilemma in Idlewild; Family Concerns; Educational Status and Problems; Environmental Issues; The Transportation System; Hope and Anxiety for the Future of Idlewild; Sociological Illuminations 7. Revitalization: 1960-2000 Activities 169 Mid-Sixties: The Shadies and the Saints; A New Breed Brings Hope to Old-Timers; Activities to Stop the Downward Spiral; Activities to Remove Squatters and Improve the Community; Activities from the Yates Township Board: A Time for Action; More Recent Efforts to Revitalize Idlewild; An Acceleration ofActivities to Tum the Community Around; FiveCAP: A Major Piece ofthe Revitalization Puzzle; Sociological Illuminations vi Contents 8. A Need for a Comprehensive Strategic Plan: Some Suggestions 195 A Need for Definitional darity ofthe Community; The Importance ofa Paradigm Shift and Transformative Leaders; Current and Future Challenges; A Companion Plan for Idlewild Vis-a-Vis the County Plan; Background and Summary ofLake County's "Plan"; A Comprehensive Companion Plan for Idlewild: Some Salient Suggestions; Sociological Illuminations 9. An Epilogue for Idlewild 221 Success and Failure; Entertainment and Leisure-Oriented Businesses; A Short-Term Alternative to Building New Motels and Restaurants; Empowerment: Making Use of Existing Resources; A Composite Summary ofSociological Illuminations; Conclusion Appendices 1. Sample Coupons 2. Scott's Letter of Endorsement 3. Curry's Letter of Endorsement 4. Some Early Pioneers in Idlewild 5. Purchase Agreement Letter 6. Sheet Music: "Idlewild" 7. Sheet Music: "(Idlewild) Duett Chorus: Tango Dance" Notes Index vii 240 241 242 243 244 245 247 249 261 ...


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