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List of Abbreviations ACTFL American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages AFOOD Arab Federation of Organizations Working With the Deaf ASD American School for the Deaf ASL American Sign Language ASLTA American Sign Language Teachers Association Auslan Australian Sign Language B.C.E. Before the Common Era (i.e., B.C.) BSL British Sign Language CAL Center for Applied Linguistics CASE Conceptually Accurate Signed English C.E. Common Era (i.e., A.D.) CODA Child of Deaf Adults dB Decibel De’VIA Deaf View/Image Art EU European Union IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Act IEP Individualized Educational Program IMA International Manual Alphabet LOVE Linguistics of Visual English LWC Language of Wider Communication MCE Manual Code for English MSC Manual Sign Code NAD National Association of the Deaf NTD National Theatre of the Deaf NTID National Technical Institute for the Deaf PANSALB Pan-South African Language Board RIT Rochester Institute of Technology SASL South African Sign Language SEE-I Seeing Essential English SEE-2 Signing Exact English SimCom Simultaneous Communication TC Total Communication WFD World Federation of the Deaf ...