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Dissecting Stephen King Copyrighted Material A RAY AND PAT BROWNE BOOK Series Editors Ray B. Browne and Pat Browne Copyrighted Material Dissecting Stephen King From the Gothic to Literary Naturalism Heidi Strengell THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PRESS POPULAR PRESS Copyrighted Material The University of Wisconsin Press 1930 Monroe Street Madison, Wisconsin 53711 3 Henrietta Street London WC2E 8LU, England Copyright © 2005 Heidi Strengell All rights reserved 5 4 3 2 Printed in the United States of America 2005 2004025717 3· 4· PS3561.I483Z885 813'·54-dc22 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Strengell, Heidi. Dissecting Stephen King: from the Gothic to literary naturalism / Heidi Strengell. p. cm. "A Ray and Pat Browne book." Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-299-20970-9 (hardcover: alk. paper) ISBN 0-299-20974-1 (pbk.: alk. paper) 1. King, Stephen, 1947- -Criticism and interpretation. 2. Horror tales, American-History and criticism. Gothic revival (Literature)-United States. Naturalism in literature. 1. Title. Copyrighted Material For REIKKI, JURO, and JURANA Copyrighted Material I believe that we are all ultimately alone and that any deep and lasting human contact is nothing more nor less than a necessary illusion-but at least the feelings which we think of as "positive" and "constructive " are a reaching out, an effort to make contact and establish some sort of communication. Feelings of love and kindness, the ability to care and empathize , are all we know of light. They are efforts to link and integrate; they are the emotions which bring us closer together, if not in fact then at least in a comforting illusion that makes the burden of mortality a little easier to bear. Stephen King, Danse Macabre Copyrighted Material ...


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