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Tables 1.1. Presidential elections in Florida: Four eras 7 1.2. Swing-state accuracy: Voting for the winning president, 1996–2016 20 1.3. Expected closeness of presidential race in the most competitive states: Final predicted lead for the projected state winner, 2004– 2016 23 2.1. Support for candidate by area in the Florida 2016 Republican presidential primary 43 2.2. Florida Republican primary voters who believe “Public Officials Don’t Care What People Such as Yourself Think” 44 2.3. Republican 2016 presidential primary voters who support a temporary Muslim ban by vote choice 44 3.1. Florida: The perennial presidential swing state, 1992–2016 50 3.2. Top ten counties for candidates in 2012 and 2016 57 3.3. County compositional change in the voting electorate between 2012 and 2016 60 3.4. Percentage point differences in the voting electorate for the four flipped counties in 2016 62 3.5. Bivariate correlations of the county-level Republican presidential vote 65 3.6. Assessing the county-level Republican presidential vote in 2012 and 2016 68 4.1. A closer look at the demographic composition of counties in the I-4 corridor media markets 82 4.2. Candidate visits to the I-4 corridor, June–November 2016 88 x · Tables 4.3. Top ten media markets in presidential race (general election) 91 4.4. Party registration, election results, and turnout rate 95 5.1. Logit regression on respondents ascertaining candidates’ positions on immigration 125 7.1. Florida’s vote-by-mail codes 164 ...


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