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From: Madre and I

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ix Acknowledgments Special thanks: To the Virginia Piper Center for Creative Writing at Arizona State University for grants administered under Jewell Parker Rhodes that allowed me to travel to Chile and interview relatives. To the School of Theatre and Film at Arizona State University for its support and that of its director, Linda Essig. To my various students through the years. I hope this explains a few things. To friends Daniel and Trino. They would know why. To Eugene, who was there when most of it happened. So were Gordon and Sean, and a few others. To the Villar sisters—Amparo, Isabel, Carmen—for providing sisterhood to my mother in her time of need, and to Amparo’s daughter, Rosemary , for providing sisterhood toward me. In Chile, there are still all those aunts—Gladys and Nelly, in particular— and Teresa and her children. To the Reyes family who became part of my life recently, and will add to it from now on. Madre and I ...