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Notes Foreword Faith , Citizenshi p an d Colonialis m i n Hon g Kon g 1. See , for example, the scriptural citations in A Pie, 'Les textes de l'ecriture su r la charite fraternelle', i n A Pie (ed.), L Amour du Prochain, Paris: Les Editions du Cerf, 1954. 2. Won g Man-fong China s Resumption of Sovereignty over Hong Kong, Hong Kong: Hong Kong Baptist University, n.d., 40-3. 3. Se e Commentator, Renmin Ribao, 1 5 and 25 May, 2, 10 and 1 3 June 1967. 4. Benjami n K . P. Leung, 'Th e Studen t Movement i n Hong Kong: Transition to a Democratizing Society' , i n Stephen Wing-kai Chi u and Tai-lok Lu i (eds), The Dynamics of Social Movement in Hong Kong, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2000, 214-6. 5. O n Sir Alexander Grantham's views, see Steve Tsang (ed.), A Documentary History of Hong Kong: Government and Politics, Hon g Kong: Hong Kong Universit y Press, 1995,291-2 . 6 Unti l 1977 , Hong Kong judges were not selected from among barristers in private practice, as they would have been in the United Kingdom, but from the Colonial Legal Service. 7 Patric k Yu Shuk-siu, Tales fromNo. 9 Ice House Street, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press , 2002 , 12-3 , 57. His accoun t ha s bee n supplemente d wit h information fro m Jesuit archives. 180 Notes forPages xi-xiv 8. Se e James 2. 15-6. 9. Pete r Hodge, 'The Politics of Welfare', in John F. Jones (ed.), The Common Welfare: Hong Kong's Social Services, Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, 1981, 17-9. 10. See , for example, the role of Protestant and Catholic clerics in the educational field during th e 1950 s i n Anthon y Sweeting , A Phoenix Transformed: The Reconstruction of Education in Post-War Hong Kong (Hon g Kong : Oxfor d University Press, 1993) , chapter 5. Christian professionals wer e active, amongst other fields, in the development of medical care for children and those sufferin g from tuberculosis, as well as in the creation of youth and community services. 11. Codex Iuris Canonici Pii XPontifwis Maximi, Rome: Typis Polyglottis Vaticinis, 1965, canons 1372^ ; and Codex Iuris Canonici Auctoritate Ioannis Pauli Pp. II Promulgatus, Rome: Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1983 , canon 226. 12. Catherin e Jones, Promoting Prosperity: The Hong Kong Way of Social Policy, Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, 1990, 222-5. 13. Davi d Baird, 'Hongkong : Christians in Revolt', Far Eastern Economic Review, 21 May 1970. 14. Davi d Baird, 'Th y Will Be Done', Far Eastern Economic Review, 2 9 January 1970. 15. Denn y H o Kwok-leung, Polite Politics: A Sociological Analysis of an Urban Protest in Hong Kong, Aldershot: Ashgate, 2000, 67-8. 16. Bernar d H . K. Luk, 'Custo m an d Religion', i n Richard Y. C. Wong & Joseph Y. S . Cheng (eds) , The Other Hong Kong Report 1990, Hong Kong: Chines e University Press, 1990, 575-6. 17. Alvi n Y. So, Hong Kong s Embattled Democracy: A Societal Analysis, Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, 1999, 107-9. 18. Tai-lo k Lu i an d Stephe n Wing-ka i Chiu , 'Introductio n — Changing Politica l Opportunities and the Shaping of Collective Action: Social Movements in Hong Kong', in Chiu and Lui, The Dynamics of Social Movements in Hong Kong, 12. 19. E.g. , Romans 13 . 1-8; 1 Peter 1 . 13. 20. 'D e ecclesi a i n mundo huju s temporis' , Concilium Oecuminicum Vaticanum Secundum, Taipei: Catholic Central Bureau, 1966 , 196-200. 21. Joh n Pau l II, Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, London : Catholi c Trut h Society , 1988 , 83; an d Centesimus Annus, Vatica n City : Libreri a Editric e Vaticana , 1991 , 44. For an example of the very different approac h to social relations in the 1950s, see Edwardu s E . Bezzina , De Valore Sociali Caritatis secundum principia S Thomae Aquinitatis, Naples: M. D'Auria, 1952 . 22 New China News Agency, 1 7 June 2002. 23 Thoug h not an overwhelming or unambiguous majority. See the thoughtful analysi s in Joseph Man et al., Education and Principle-based Opinion: A Study of the Right of Abode Controversy in Hong Kong, Hong Kong: Hong Kong Institute of AsiaPacific Studies , 2000, 15-9. 24 South China Morning Post, 6 February 2001 and 1 6 January 2002. Notes forPages xv-23 181 25 Renmin Ribao, 23 July 1999...


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