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Acknowledgments Permission to print selected materials is gratefully acknowledged from the following sources: Selected excerpts from Letters ofSigmundFreud, edited by Ernst L. Freud, © 1960 by Sigmund Freud Copyrights Ltd. Copyright Renewed. Reprinted by permission of Basic Books, a division of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. Selected excerpts from Mannheim, Ralph, and Hull, R. F. C., The Correspondence between SigmundFreudandC. G. lung. Copyright © by Princeton University Press. Reprinted by permission of Princeton University Press. Freud's letterof26 February 1930 to Chaim Koffler. Copyright © 1973, reprinted by permission of A. W. Freud et aI., by arrangement with Mark Paterson & Associates . Selection from Graf, Max, "Reminiscences ofProfessor Sigmund Freud," Vol. II, 1942, pp. 465-476. Reprinted by permission of the Psychoanalytic Quarterly. Selection reprinted from lokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious by Sigmund Freud, translated and edited by James Strachey, with the permission of W. W. Norton and Company, Inc. Copyright © byJames Strachey, renewed 1988 by Alix Strachey. For u.K. rights, reprinted by permission of Routledge and Kegan Paul. Selection from Bergman, Martin S., "Moses and the Evolution of Freud's Jewish Identity," in M. Ostow, ed., ludaism and Psychoanalysis (1982), reprinted by permission of the author. Selections from Rainey, Reuben M., AAR Dissertation Series, No.7, "Freud as a Student of Religion: Perspectives on the Background and Development of his Thought." Reprinted by permission of Scholars Press © 1975. Selections from Yerushalmi, Yosef, Freud's Moses:ludaism Terminable andInterminable (1991) Yale University Press. Reprinted by permission of Yale University Press, Copyright © 1991. xi XII DUAL ALLEGIANCE Selection from Jewish Heritage Reader, published by Taplinger Publishing Company , Lily Edelman, Editor. Reprinted by permission. Copyright © by B'nai B'rith Adult Jewish Education. Selection from Meitlis, Jacob, "The Last Days ofSigmund Freud," in The Jewish Frontier, September 1951. Reprinted by permission. Selections from Mendes-Flohr, Paul, A Land of Two Rivers. The German-Jewish Vision ofaNewBaby/o;~, forthcoming from Yale University Press. By permission of the author. Selections from Gay, Peter, Freud:A Lifefor OurTime, (1988) © w, W. Norton and Co. Reprinted by permission. ...


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