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Contents Acknowledgments vii Introduction TRASHING JIM CROW The Sanitation Workers’ Strike, 1968 3 Chapter 1 “YOU MUST BE FROM THE NORTH.” “YES, NORTH MISSISSIPPI” Women and Direct Action Protests, 1955–1964 11 Chapter 2 “ALL ARE WORTHY” “Woman’s Work” as a Catalyst for Civil Rights Reform 29 Chapter 3 “THE MESSAGE CAME ON A BEAM OF LIGHT” Women in Religious Groups 50 Chapter 4 RAISING A GENERATION THAT DOES NOT HATE The 1968 Sanitation Strike and the Radicalizing of Memphis Activists 64 Chapter 5 “LITTLE OLD LADIES WITH TENNIS SHOES” The Relationship Between White Women and Racial Reform in a Post-King Memphis 87 Chapter 6 “BE THANKFUL IT WAS ONLY SAND” Community Reaction to White Women in a Movement for Black Civil Rights 110 Chapter 7 “I AM NOT YOUR SOCIAL CONSCIENCE” Busing in the Memphis City Schools 128 Epilogue 145 Appendix 155 Notes 157 Bibliography 189 Index 215 vi Contents ...