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Suggestions for Listening In compiling this list, I have had a modest goal: to provide the written equivalent of a soundtrack for Accordion Dreams.These are personal selections rather than a comprehensive discography. But I hope they offer a good starting point for anyone who is new to the pleasures of Cajun and Creole music. I have included selections by most of the musicians cited in Accordion Dreams—and, when possible, I have chosen recordings that include the songs mentioned in the book. Consequently, the albums I have listed may not be the most recent by a particular artist, nor do I claim they are “the best.” A number of groups (BeauSoleil, Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, the Savoy family) have multiple recordings to their credit, with new albums appearing regularly. I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite. Also, because this list re- flects my musical influences during the period described in Accordion Dreams, it does not include a host of newer bands, including young traditional groups like the Lost Bayou Ramblers, the Pine Leaf Boys, and the Red Stick Ramblers. Following the recordings by individual musicians/groups, I have included a list of a half dozen compilations I have enjoyed, in the interest of providing a more comprehensive overview. For more information about the history of Louisiana French music , profiles of older musicians, discographies, and traditional song lyrics, there is no better resource than Ann Savoy’s Cajun Music:A Re- flection of a People. For an up-to-date guide to musicians who are currently active, I would suggest David Simpson’s excellent LSU-Eunice website: “Louisiana Contemporary Cajun, Creole, and Zydeco Musicians ” at For information about bands outside Louisiana, especially the SF Bay Area, see Andrea Rubinstein’s Cajun-Zydeco Web Resources, at 247 248 Suggestions for Listening And if you’d like to take a look—or a listen—to my own band, you’ll find Sauce Piquante at www.saucepiquante But I hope you will begin with the traditional sources of this music listed below. Happy listening! individual musicians/groups Abshire, Nathan. Nathan Abshire:The Cajun Legend. Swallow, 1994. Ardoin, Amédé. I’m Never Coming Back: Amédé Ardoin: Pioneer of Louisiana French Blues, 1930–34. Arhoolie, 1995. Ardoin, Bois Sec, with Balfa Toujours:Allons Danser. Rounder, 1998. Also see recordings by Balfa Toujours on their own. Balfa Brothers. The Balfa Brothers Play Traditional Cajun Music, Volumes I and II. Swallow, 1991. BeauSoleil. Bayou Cadillac. Rounder, 1989. Also see their many other albums. Carrière Brothers and the Lawtell Playboys. La-La:Louisiana Black French Music. Audiocassette. Maison de Soul, 1995. Includes Delton Broussard on accordion. Cormier, Sheryl. The Queen of Cajun Music. Swallow, 1992. Fontenot, Canray. Louisiana Hot Sauce Creole Style. Arhoolie, 1992. Frank, Keith. The Creole Connection:The Masked Band. Louisiana Red Hot, 2001. Legé, Jesse, with Mack Manuel and the Lake Charles Ramblers. Mémoires du Passé. Swallow, 1997. LeJeune, Eddie. It’s in the Blood. Rounder, 1991. LeJeune, Iry. Cajun’s Greatest—The Definitive Collection. Ace (UK), 1992. Les Frères Michot. Elevés à Pilette. LFM, 1996. Also see their recent album. Magnolia Sisters. Prends Courage. Arhoolie, 1995. Also see their newer albums. McGee, Dennis. The Complete Early Recordings of Dennis McGee. Yazoo, 1994. Moreau, Jude, and the Bon Temps Playboys. Retourner au les VieuxTemps. Louisiana Radio Records, 2002. With Edward Poullard on fiddle. Poullard, Danny, with the California Cajun Orchestra. Nonc Adam Two-Step. Arhoolie, 1995. Suggestions for Listening 249 Poullard, Danny, with the California Cajun Orchestra. Not Lonesome Anymore.Arhoolie, 1991.Winner of the first annual “Prix Dehors de Nous” awarded by the Cajun French Music Association (CFMA) for best recording by a band outside Louisiana. Poullard, Danny, with Edward Poullard and D’Jalma Garnier. Poullard , Poullard & Garnier. Louisiana Radio Records, 2001. Danny Poullard playing in the old-time Creole style; released a few weeks before his death. Riley, Steve, and the Mamou Playboys. Ti Galop Pour Mamou. Rounder, 1992.Also see their many other albums, especially two recent ones, Bon Rêve and Dominos. Savoy, Marc, Dewey Balfa, and D. L. Menard. Under a Green Oak Tree. Arhoolie, 1989. Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band. Home Music with Spirits. Arhoolie, 1992. Also see their later recordings. compilations Cajun Dance Party: Fais Do-Do. Columbia, 1994. The earliest commercial recordings (1929–34) by Cléoma Breaux Falcon, Joseph Falcon, the Breaux Brothers...


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