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xi Acknowledgments I would like to thank the National Endowment for the Humanities and Wake Forest University for sponsoring my research for this book. I am grateful to Sally Barbour, Julie Edelson, Candelas Gala, Antonio Gómez López Quiñones , Sol Miguel-​ Prendes, and Gayle Rogers for their encouragement, support, and insightful comments. I am thankful for the kind assistance that I received in Seville from the staff of the Centro de Estudios Andaluces, the Archivo General de Andalucía, the Museo de la Autonomía de Andalucía, the Hemeroteca Municipal, and the Biblioteca Blas Infante, in particular Ana Borrego, Paloma Cano Sánchez, Carlos Font Gavira, María Ángeles García Molinera, Vanessa Tellado, and Ana Vicente. In the United States, I have benefited from discussions with friends and colleagues who have enriched my understanding of Spanish cultural history. Thank you to Sebastiaan Faber and José María Rodríguez García, whose exemplary scholarship has helped shape my own thinking and writing. I should also mention the generous advice that I received from Andrew Anderson, Melissa Dinverno, and Jonathan Mayhew at the 2015 American Comparative Literature Association conference in Seattle. Their suggestions made me rethink, and even rewrite, some portions of this book. My thanks to the editors and staff at Northwestern University Press and in particular to Gianna Mosser for her steady support and outstanding professionalism . This is a better book because of her. My appreciation also goes to the two anonymous reviewers for their thoughtful recommendations and strong endorsement. The largest debt of gratitude is, as always, owed to my family, without whose support this book would not have been written. Firstly, Jessica, who has patiently seen this project through while tending to our children, Eva and Lucas. My father, José Luis, an exceptional interlocutor for academic and nonacademic matters alike, intervened at a critical moment, allowing me to push the manuscript to completion. Gracias papá. An earlier version of some sections of chapter 4 and the afterword was previously published as a book chapter in La retórica del sur: Representaciones y discursos sobre Andalucía en el período democrático (Seville: Alfar, 2015), edited by Antonio Gómez López Quiñones and José Manuel del Pino. All translations are my own unless otherwise noted. The Sublime South ...


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