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Contents Introduction to the Bison Classic Annotated Edition, by Alan Birkelbach, ix Annotator’s Note, xvii Introduction, by John G. Neihardt, xix The Song of Three Friends part i: Ashley’s Hundred, 3 part ii: The Up-Stream Men, 6 part iii: To the Musselshell, 26 part iv: The Net Is Cast, 34 part v: The Quarrel, 43 part vi: The Shooting of the Cup, 58 part vii: The Third Rider, 72 part viii: Vengeance, 88 The Song of Hugh Glass part i: Graybeard and Goldhair, 105 part ii: The Awakening, 125 part iii: The Crawl, 134 part iv: The Return of the Ghost, 180 part v: Jamie, 192 The Song of Jed Smith part i: The valley was beginning to forget . . . , 209 part ii: Now the jug went round . . . , 214 part iii: Now the deep . . . , 221 part iv: “You’re getting sober, Squire . . .”, 232 part v: Chin to chest and nodding . . . , 256 part vi: The low intoning of the canyon grew . . . , 301 The Song of the Indian Wars part i: The Sowing of the Dragon, 313 part ii: Red Cloud, 318 part iii: The Council on the Powder, 331 part iv: Fort Phil Kearny, 345 part v: Rubbed Out, 359 part vi: The Wagon Boxes, 367 part vii: Beecher’s Island, 385 part viii: The Yellow God, 410 part ix: The Village of Crazy Horse, 419 part x: The Sun Dance, 428 part xi: The Seventh Marches, 435 part xii: High Noon on the Little Horn, 442 part xiii: The Twilight, 464 part xiv: The Death of Crazy Horse, 475 The Song of the Messiah part i: The Voice in the Wilderness, 489 part ii: The Coming of the Word, 501 part iii: The Dance, 530 part iv: The Soldiers, 540 part v: Sitting Bull, 550 part vi: The Way, 566 part vii: Wounded Knee, 577 Appendix: Prefaces, 585 Appendix: Errata, 597 Notes, 601 ...


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