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Contents List of Illustrations viii Preface to the Third Edition ix A Note on Editorial Method xi Introduction: Learning to Think about the Ogallala 1 1. The First Half-Billion Years 13 2. Finding the Water: Boom and Bust, 1870–1940 45 3. From Dryland to Dustbowl: Not a Good Place to Farm 84 4. Windmills, Center Pivots, Feedlots, and Porkers 114 5. A Tale of Seven Water Conservation Districts 180 6. Making Irrigation Work for a Family Farm: Phil and Linda Tooms on the Moscow Road 254 7. The Future of Plains Irrigation: A New Gospel of Efficiency 282 8. Thinking the Unthinkable: Climate Change Hits the Vulnerable Plains 318 9. A Final Look 338 Notes 345 Index 401 ...


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