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Ogallala Our Sustainable Future series editors Ryan E. Galt University of California, Davis Hannah Wittman University of British Columbia founding editors Charles A. Francis University of Nebraska–Lincoln Cornelia Flora Iowa State University Ogallala, Third Edition Water for a Dry Land John Opie, Char Miller, and Kenna Lang Archer University of Nebraska Press | Lincoln and London Both text and cover are printed on acid-free paper that is 100 ancient forest free (100 post-consumer recycled).© 2018 by the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska. © 1993, 2000 by the University of Nebraska Press. All rights reserved. Manufactured in the United States of America Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Names: Opie, John, 1934– author. Title: Ogallala: water for a dry land / John Opie, Char Miller, and Kenna Lang Archer. Description: Third edition. | Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, [2018] | Series: Our sustainable future | Includes bibliographical references and index. Identifiers: lccn 2017038816 isbn 9780803296978 (paperback: alk. paper) isbn 9781496207265 (epub) isbn 9781496207272 (mobi) isbn 9781496207289 (pdf) Subjects: lcsh: Irrigation water—High Plains (U.S.)— History. | Ogallala Aquifer—History. | Irrigation— High Plains (U.S.)—History. | Agriculture—High Plains (U.S.)—History. | Agricultural ecology—High Plains (U.S.)—History. Classification: lcc s616.u6 o65 2018 | ddc 333.91/3—dc23 lc record available at Set in Chaparral Pro by Mikala R Kolander. If we lived in a desert and our lives depended on a water supply that came out of a steel tube, we would inevitably watch that tube and talk about it understandingly. No citizen would need to be lectured about his duty toward its care and spurred to help if it were in danger. Teachers of civics in such a community might develop a sense of public responsibility, not only by describing the remote beginnings of the commonwealth, but also how that tube got built, how long it would last, how vital the intake might be if the rainfall on the forested mountains nearby ever changed in seasonal habit or amount. It would be a most unimaginative person, or a stupid one, who could not see the vital relation between the mountains, the forests, that tube and himself. isaiah bowman, “Headwaters Control and Use—Influence of Vegetation on Land-Water Relationships,” Proceedings: Upstream Engineering Conference (Washington dc, 1937), 76–95 ...


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