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| 283 Contributors Aboneh Ashagrie, associate professor of theater arts at Addis Ababa University, received his BA in Theater Arts from Addis Ababa University and MA from the University of Akron (USA). He has published plays and short stories in Amharic and articles in several areas of Ethiopian theater, fijilm, and culture. He has worked asActingVicePresidentof AddisAbabaUniversity,AdministrativeOfffijicer,External Relation Offfijicer, Director of Cultural Center, and Chairman of the Theater Arts Department. He has received trophies from the Ethiopian National Theater and Wolkite University for his contributions to the development of Ethiopian theater. Tekletsadik Belachew has a research and teaching interest in African cinema and African and Ethiopian theologies. Tekle’s publications include “The Genius of an African Storyteller: A Selectively Annotated Bibliography of Work on and by Haile Gerima,” Black Camera: An International Film Journal 4 (2013). He is a Fellow of Logos, Oxford University, and pursuing a PhD in historical studies at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. BitaniaTadesse is an independent researcher interested in the intersection of contemporary art forms and the Ethiopian sociopolitical milieu, with particular focus 284 | Contributors on the Ethiopian fijilm and TV industry. She holds a BA degree in political science and international relations and an MA in peace and security from Addis Ababa University. She also has an MSc in African Studies from the University of Oxford. Daniele Comberiati is associate professor in Italian studies at the University PaulVal éryMontpellier3andheadof theItalianDepartment.Hisresearchfijieldsinclude migration, Italian literature, Italian postcolonialism, modern and contemporary science fijiction, comics and graphic novels, works of travelers in the nineteenth century, and Italian poetry during the 1970s and 1980s. His publications include La quarta sponda: Scrittrici in viaggio dall’Africa coloniale all’Italia di oggi (2009), Scrivere nella lingua dell’altro: La letteratura degli immigrati in Italia (1989–2007) (2010),and“Afffrica”:Ilmitocolonialeitalianoattraversoilibridiviaggiodiesploratori e missionari dall’Unità alla sconfijitta di Adua (1861–1896) (2013). Osvaldo Costantini is a graduate in cultural anthropology at Sapienza–University of Rome, with an interest in migratory narratives and daily practices among Eritrean refugees in Rome. He obtained a PhD from Sapienza‒University of Rome, where he carried out research among Eritrean and Ethiopian Pentecostals in Rome. His focus was on the ways in which Pentecostal language allows people to confront the difffijiculties and the uncertainties of their lives within a given power structure and the relationship between conversion to Pentecostalism and the political past of the two countries. He is visiting researcher at Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento. Kate Cowcher is lecturer in Art History at the University of St. Andrews. She completed her PhD on art and visual culture during the Ethiopian revolution at StanfordUniversity.HerresearchhasbeensupportedbythePostdoctoralFellowship in Modern and Contemporary Art at the University of Maryland’s Center for Art and Knowledge at the Phillips Collection, the Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship from the Center for Advanced Studies in the Visual Arts at the National Gallery of Art, and Stanford University. Her research interests include art and cultural exchange in Africa during the Cold War and histories of African cinema. GiuseppeFidottaisaPhDstudentinMovingImageStudiesatConcordiaUniversity, Montreal, where he is conducting a research project on alternative culture industry and media globalization. His key research areas include media history, geography, Contributors | 285 and cultural theory. His previous research on Italian imperial cinema from which the essay in this volume has been drawn has been published in journals such as Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies, NECSUS: Journal of European Media Studies, and Fata Morgana. Currently he is the editor-in-chief of Synoptique: An Online Journal of Film and Moving Image Studies. AlessandroJedlowski is a Belgian Scientifijic Research Fund (F.R.S.-FNRS) postdoctoralfellowinanthropologyattheUniversityof Liège(Belgium)andaformerMarie Curie Cofund fellow at the same university. His main research interests include African cinema and media, urban cultures, media and migration, and South–South mediaexchanges.Heistheco-editor(togetherwithUteRöschenthaler)of aspecial issue of the Journal of African Cultural Studies on China-Africa media interactions andof thebookMobilitybetweenAfrica,AsiaandLatinAmerica:EconomicNetworks and Cultural Interactions (2017). Eyerusaleam Kassahun is a young scholar in fijilm and theatre studies and is an industryprofessional.SheholdsaBAdegreeintheatreartsandtwomaster’sdegrees in theatre and development, and fijilm production from Addis Ababa University, where she is now working as a fijilm and theatre lecturer. She has been researching the inception and development of cinema in Ethiopia since 2014, an area she is most interested in. She is also a practicing fijilmmaker in Ethiopia and has made various short movies and one feature-length Amharic...


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