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vii Contents List of Figures and Table ix List of Abbreviations xi Introduction: A Tale of Two Ontologies: Are Humans Designated or Discovered? / 1 1. Ontology and Embryos: On Being an Embryo / 20 2. Arguments from Ontology: “It can’t be human because it contradicts, ontologically” / 46 3. Arguments from Potential: “It can’t be human because it contradicts, factually” / 77 4. Arguments from Observation: “It could be human, but the facts suggest otherwise” / 106 5. Developmental Systems Theory and “Fuzzy” Organisms: “It’s not human until we say it’s human” / 133 6. The Postmodern Connection: Form, Fiat, and Intention / 147 7. Humans and Organization: Defining the Hallmarks of Human Existence / 177 Contents 8. Some Difficult Cases: A Practical Guide for Evaluation / 195 9. A Contested Case: Altered Nuclear Transfer: How to Evaluate Entities Produced by Experimenters / 223 Epilogue: Metaphysics Matters / 259 Glossary 265 Bibliography 271 Index 283 viii Contents ...


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