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xi . A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S This book would not have been possible without the teaching and friendship of Alex Düttmann. I could not begin to map out the extent of his influence on my thinking but it can be felt on every page. The second major influence on the writing of this book is Chris Haworth, who has been good enough to read several draft versions of each chapter, and each time made improvements with penetrating comments and important suggestions. I owe my awareness of the field of brain–­ computer music interfacing to Chris, as well as a great deal else, so his influence on the genesis and development of this project cannot be overstated. Others who have read the manuscript, either in whole or in part, at various stages and contributed significantly to its development are Alberto Toscano, Simon O’Sullivan, Martin McQuillan, Howard Caygill, and the anonymous readers for the University of Minnesota Press and the journals in which sections have been published previously. Simon deserves special mention for having been particularly influential in how I approached my reading of Jung, as does Alberto for his precisely targeted criticisms, which I hope to have responded to adequately. I also express my thanks to Cary Wolfe for his time and generosity. His enthusiasm for the project has been of enormous encouragement . Likewise, my thanks to Doug Armato for all of his time and support in bringing the book to fruition. My parents, Anne and Bill Haworth, have supported me in immeasurable ways throughout the researching and the writing of this book, and I want to convey my profound thanks to them. Everything I have done I owe to their influence. Finally, this book has been a long time in the making and without the love, support, and friendship of my wife Helen I could neither have started nor finished it. This page intentionally left blank ...


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