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Acknowledgments Several years ago, my wife, Roseanne, suggested I write about the music that’s been so important to me all my life, both personally and professionally . From childhood to adulthood, I loved country, rock ’n’ roll, blues, jazz, and such, and I listened to music as often as I could. Following Roseanne ’s advice, I started writing the book outline the next day. She has continued to help me by editing the entire manuscript and encouraging me throughout the writing process. Other family members and friends were supportive as well; I especially want to thank Roseanne’s brother Vic Rini; my brother, David Mullen; my sister Linda Katz, and her husband, Bobby, for all the music we’ve shared and their interest in my articles and books throughout my scholarly career. I also would like to acknowledge several good friends and colleagues who have discussed music and gone to concerts and other music venues with me over the years: David Brose, Charley Camp, Bob Cantwell, Cece Conway,Larry Doyle,Kathy Greenwood,John Hellmann,Amy Horowitz, Charley Jackson, Bob Jones, Tony Libby, Bill Lightfoot, Tim and Barbara Lloyd, Brian Lovely, Mark Lutz, Janice and Tom Mitchell, Barry Pearson, Dudley Radcliffe, John Reese, Jim Scarff, Curt Schieber, Jack Shortlidge, Martha Sims, Kyle and Nancy Smith, and Art Thornton. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. The readers for the University of Illinois Press, Stephen Wade and an anonymous scholar, provided useful commentaries that were essential in revising the manuscript. I’m especially indebted to Professor Wade for his close reading and detailed suggestions. Laurie Matheson, the director of the University of Illinois Press,was very helpful and supportive throughout the process of turning an early draft into a publishable book. Thanks to all of you. Right to the Juke Joint ...


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