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Foreword The word hospitable may seem more suited for describing a cozy coffee shop or comfortable guest room than a person, but as I’ve traveled the world and met many of its inhabitants, I’ve found that there are just some people with whom you always feel at home. Mihee Kim-Kort is one of those people. Warm, thoughtful, curious, and brave, Mihee immediately sets those around her at ease. To be in her presence is to be in the presence of a friend, whether you’ve known her your whole life, for just ten minutes, or like me, through many years of correspondence and collaboration. A typical conversation with Mihee is likely to meander comfortably from the challenges of ministry to the daily adventures of parenthood , to the real-life implications of incarnational theology and gender theory. At some point, you will probably end up spilling your guts, because with Mihee, you know your most sacred and tender stories are safe. That’s no small thing. It was a true delight to recognize so much of the woman I know in “real life” in the pages of the book you now hold in xi your hands. Outside the Lines is a beautifully crafted work of hospitality that manages to be at once provocative and comforting , a challenge and a relief. With disarming vulnerability , Mihee weaves together stories from her own life with profound insights from Christian theology, biblical studies, and queer spirituality, to lead the reader into a richer understanding of this complex, mysterious, and indeed queer world God has created. It’s rare to find a book on gender and sexuality that is this intellectually rigorous and this relatable. There were passages that made me pause to think, passages that made me laugh, passages that took my breath away. I finished certain I was better prepared to love God, my neighbor, and myself. For many, this book will be an eye-opener. For others, especially those whose identities and self-understanding fall “outside the lines,” it will be a lifesaver. It is, ultimately, a book about love—the “real and actual, in-the-flesh-andblood -and-tears love,” as Mihee puts it, that we experience in our relationships with one another and with Jesus, who breaks every boundary to welcome us into his body. I find it fitting that the word hospitable shares its roots with the word hospital, for the most welcoming people in our lives are always ultimately healers. With this book, Mihee offers both an antidote and a balm—an antidote to the poisonous lies that the culture and the church tell us about our bodies and our identities, and a balm to soothe and heal the pain those lies have caused. What a gift this work is to the church and to the world. Outside the Lines xii So, even if you’re a little intimidated by the path ahead, reader, read on! You are in the most capable and loving hands. Rachel Held Evans Foreword xiii ...


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