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Acknowledgments I started this book around the winter of 2015, not really knowing where it would take me. Here it is nearly 2018, three years later, and I’m full of wonder and gratitude. The old adage about how “it takes a village to raise a child” is definitely true in this case, for me, for this book. So many people were my muses and angels; they held my feet to the fire and cheered me on, especially toward the end. While there are too many to name here, I want to thank these beloved ones in particular: My sisters who form a hedge of protection around me, my tribe and community, who have walked hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart with me these last few years: Jodi Houge, Kerlin Richter, Emily Scott, Austin Channing Brown, Jes Kast, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Nichole Flores, Rachel Kurtz, Neichelle Guidry, Tiffany Thomas, Rozella White, Winnie Varghese, Rachel Held Evans. Friends with connections to Bloomington who hold it down for me, who know me inside and out, and who teach ix me more and more about friendship, dedication, and life together: Christie Popp, April Hennessey, Rachel Varon, Tanya Kennedy, Meg Foster, Tiffany Roman, Ashley Miller. Friends and loved ones near and far who get me so deeply and push me to not hold back: Jeff Chu, Kenji Kuramitsu, Erica Liu, Larissa Kwong Abazia, Katie Baker, Joanna Kim, Laura Cheifetz, Chris Hong, Grace Ji-Sun Kim. The team at Fortress Press, especially my patient and dedicated editor, Lisa Kloskin, who combed through my words providing honest and critical feedback, and most importantly, talked me off the ledge numerous times when I felt ready to abandon the whole project. I could not have done this without them. My family, whom I love and adore always: my parents, Yong and Son, who spent countless hours with the children so I could make some semblance of sense with this jumble of words; my brother, Joseph; my sister-in-law, Nayoung; and my in-laws, Tom, Corrine, and Sarah. Last but certainly never least, my spouse, Andy, for walking with me through so many questions and being faithfully and intimately present in it all, and my children, Desmond, Anna, and Oswald, for all the ways you show me that love keeps coming. Outside the Lines x ...


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