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. . . try with a little help from my friends THE BEATLES, 1967 I AM GRATEFUL TO a number of people who have helped in writing this book. Their intellectual, material, and emotional support is deeply appreciated. I benefited from exciting exchanges on causality, mechanisms, and scientific explanation, as well as on past and present epigenetics, with Massimo Pigliucci, Eva Jablonka, Siobhan F. Guerrero Mc Manus, Jani Raerinne, James DiFrisco, and Maurizio Meloni. In addition, I am very thankful to Daniel Brooks, Frank Paris, Kirsten Schmidt, Melinda B. Fagan, Fridolin Gross, Maria Kronfeldner, and Marcel Weber for making constructive comments on ideas presented in this book. I am especially grateful to Helmut Pulte and Christina Brandt for their comprehensive and valuable comments , as well as their kind advice and support. This book was written in different places. I would like to thank the Philosophy of Science Group (Helsinki University), including Petri Ylikoski and Jaakko Kuorikoski, the Biolosophy Group (Bielefeld University), the ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xii ◂ ACKNOWLEDGMENTS PhiBio Group (Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico City), and the members of the Centre for the Study of Life Sciences (Egenis, University of Exeter), including Daniel Nicholson, John Dupré, and Thijs van Stigt, who commented on several ideas initially presented in the form of conference papers. The research behind this book was supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG), the Foundation Mercator, the Ruhr University Research School, the Heinrich Hertz Foundation, and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Many thanks to Dusa McDuff for sharing with me translations of Russian papers originally prepared for her father, C. H. Waddington. Also, as a non-native speaker of English, I am especially grateful to Daniel Brooks and Maureen Creamer Bemko, who made this book readable and possibly enjoyable by editing my “German-style” English. At the University of Pittsburgh Press, I thank Abby Collier for her support and enthusiasm for the project and for making this such an enjoyable process. Also, I am grateful for the comprehensive comments of the reviewers, which were insightful and very helpful in correcting omissions and clarifying arguments. Finally, I owe an immeasurable debt to Ulla Quadbeck-Baedke and Jochen Baedke for supporting this project a long time before it actually began, as well as to Abigail Nieves Delgado for making me think and smile every single day since I met her. ABOVE THE GENE, BEYOND BIOLOGY ...


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