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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Many people contributed to the production of this book, at different times and in different ways. I am especially grateful to Jeanne Fahnestock, who guided the project through its earliest stages and has continued to be very generous with her time and insights. One of the (many) things that I appreciate about Jeanne is that, even though she is one of the most brilliant scholars in the field, she delivers criticism with humility and charm. Other faculty members at the University of Maryland were instrumental in the completion of earlier versions of this project: Vessela Valiavitcharska, Shirley Logan, Scott Wible, and Shawn Perry-Giles. In addition to the wonderful faculty at UMD, I am grateful to my graduate student cohort for their camaraderie and support: Martin Camper, Lindsay Dunne Jacoby, Andy Black, Cameron Mozafari, Heather Brown, Mark Hoffmann, Kisa Lape, Paul Cote, Rachel Vorona Cote, and, last but not least, Katie Stanutz, who will always be my “Maryland Person.” The English department at Western Michigan University has been welcoming and supportive of my research on popular science images. In particular, Brian Gogan, Jonathan Bush, Staci Perryman-Clark, Charie Thralls, and Nic Witschi have been forthcoming with their time, energy, and resources. At Western ’s library, Kate Langan was spectacular at tracking down images and answering my questions. The participants in Alan Gross’s 2011 RSA seminar on the rhetoric of science helped to improve my chapter on magazine covers. Likewise, the participants in Leah Ceccerelli and Carolyn Miller’s 2015 seminar helped me to work through my ideas as I embarked on the process of revising this book. Parts of chapter 2 and 4 in this book are from previously published articles and are reprinted courtesy of Taylor and Francis and SAGE, respectively. Thanks to Jim Denton at the University of South Carolina Press for his patience and guidance throughout the submission process, especially regarding the images, and for providing two reviewers who offered valuable suggestions for revision and took great care in formulating their responses to the manuscript. xiv • Acknowledgments I am deeply grateful to the artists and scientists who allowed me to reproduce their images in this book: Darren Hopes, Christos Magganas, Andrew Noske, Thomas Deerinck, Horng Ou, Clodagh O’Shea, Luc Bernard, Richard Palais, Andrea Ottesen, Lee Sierad, and Jerry Ross. Without their generosity, this book would be nearly image-less. All of the criticisms in the book are directed not at the image creators, who have produced captivating and beautiful work, but at the larger social problem of visual science communication. I thank Patricia Aufderheide at American University for providing valuable resources on fair use in the visual arts and for being so forthcoming with advice, even though I contacted her on a whim. Projects in any field of study dealing with visuals will benefit from her work with Peter Jaszi on fair use. It is fair to say that none of this would have been possible without the support of my parents, who encouraged my intellectual curiosity early on. Finally, I am immeasurably grateful to Casey for being my sounding board, editor, motivational speaker, and adventure partner. Thank you for believing in me and showing me how to celebrate the journey as well as the destination. ...


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