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v¥¥ Contents List of Illustrations vii Preface ix John McE. Davis Chapter 1. An Introduction to Useful and Used Evaluation in Language Education 1 John McE. Davis Chapter 2. Best Practices for Language Program Evaluation Success 7 John McE. Davis Chapter 3. Planning for Useful Evaluation: Users, Uses, Questions 15 Todd H. McKay and John McE. Davis Chapter 4. Identifying Indicators for Evaluation Data Collection 27 Francesca Venezia Chapter 5. Selecting Methods and Collecting Data for Evaluation 35 Todd H. McKay and John McE. Davis Chapter 6. Conducting Focus Groups for Evaluation 47 Lara Bryfonski Chapter 7. Conducting Evaluation Interviews 57 Jorge Méndez Seijas, Janire Zalbidea, and Cristi Vallejos Chapter 8. Questionnaires for Evaluation 69 Amy I. Kim and John McE. Davis Chapter 9. Analyzing Evaluation Data 85 John McE. Davis Chapter 10. Key Points to Remember for Useful Evaluation 103 John McE. Davis Chapter 11. Example Evaluation Plan 107 Todd H. McKay References 117 List of Contributors 119 This page intentionally left blank ...


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