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Acknowledgments I could not have completed this project without intellectual support from relatives, friends, and colleagues. Many teachers, first of all, deserve acknowl­ edgment. During my time as a graduate student at the University of Rochester , John Michael, Ezra Tawil, Stephanie Li, Jeffrey Tucker, and the late and missed Frank Shuffelton played important roles in shaping my thinking . Jorge Camacho, Leon Jackson, and Paul Allen Miller at the University of South Carolina and Robert Coleman and Moira Amado-­ McCoy at the University of South Ala­ bama also greatly influenced me. My thinking has also benefited from conversations with friends and fellow scholars. Especially notable are Justin Coyne, Russell Sbriglia, Steve Lownes, Jennie Lightweis-­ Goff, Peter Zogas, Melanie Hernandez, Thomas Hallock, Donald E. Pease, Molly Winter, Bryce Condit, and Hilarie Lloyd. My work was supported by a New Faculty Grant-­ in-­ Aid awarded by Auburn University at Montgomery. This grant enabled me to conduct archival research at the Ameri­can Antiquarian Society, the Massachusetts His­tori­cal Society, and Antioch College’s Antiochiana special collections. I am grateful for Auburn University at Montgomery’s support, and to the repositories’ staffs. Antiochiana’s Scott Sanders was particularly helpful. Earlier versions of chapters 3 and 4 were respectively published as “Ironizing Identity: Cosmopolitanism and Herman Melville’s ‘Benito Cereno’ as Critique of Hispanicist Exceptionalism,” Literature Interpretation Theory 25, no. 2 (2014): 128–50, and “Mary Peabody Mann’s Juanita: US National Identity and Cuba,” Studies in the Novel 44, no. 2 (2012): 144–63. I appreciate these journals’ editorial staffs and reviewers for their constructive feedback. I shared parts of each chapter at conferences, and I am indebted to the informative comments I received. The University of Ala­ bama Press’s Wendi Schnaufer, the anonymous reviewers who evaluated the book manuscript, and copyeditor Dawn Hall played invaluable roles in shaping the project’s final stages. viii / Acknowledgments I lastly thank my family. My parents, Johnnie and Susan, encouraged me to pursue my passion for the advanced study of literature and history; I could not have achieved what I have in my career without their support. My wife, Katie, has had many engaging conversations with me about the book’s subject matter, and her thoughtfulness has been a major source of inspiration during the arduous journey to bringing the book to fruition. My sons, Oliver and Theo, inspire me every day to do what I can as a scholar to make the world a better place. HISPANICISM and EARLY US LITERATURE ...


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