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Contents Acknowledgments xi Introduction 1 Coda: Image-Text Interfaces, Material and Digital 229 Notes 233 Bibliography 247 Index 259 Peter Najarian’s Illustrated Memoirs: “‘The Terror of Our History’ and a Love That May Redeem It” 19 Leslie Marmon Silko’s Photo-­ Narratives: “A Story Connected with Every Place, Every Object in the Landscape” 59 Art Spiegelman’s Graphic Memoir, Maus: “One Is Left with What Remains, the Ruins That Are Sifted Over Endlessly” 83 Julie Chen’s Artists’ Books: “The Constant Search for Meaning in the Chattering of Time” 115 Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s Dictée: “A Series of Metaphors for the Return” 144 Carrie Mae Weems’s Photo-­ (Auto)biographies: “Work That Is Essential to Our Cultural Dialogue” 171 Faith Ringgold’s Story Quilts: “All Things American in America Are about Race” 196 Hachivi Edgar Heap of Birds’s Artwork: “Native Peoples Have Chosen Art as Their Cultural Tool and Weapon” 214 Literature-­Based Image-­and-­Text Forms Hinge Image-­and-­Text Forms Art-­Based Image-­and-­Text Forms This page intentionally left blank Figures 1.1. Peter Najarian, Dying Grapevine 26 1.2. Peter Najarian, Female Nude 28 1.3. Peter Najarian, Young Zaroohe with Adult Son in Background 30 1.4. Peter Najarian, Books and Apples 40 1.5. Peter Najarian, Sirpuhi 44 1.6. Peter Najarian, Ma, Old and Young 47 1.7. Peter Najarian, Najarian Family, 1940 50 1.8. Peter Najarian, The Artist’s Father, Painting of a Photograph 52 1.9. Peter Najarian, Najarian’s Mother, September 3, 2005 54 1.10. Peter Najarian, Najarian’s Mother, January 8, 2005 55 1.11. Peter Najarian, Najarian’s Mother, Last Drawing 56 2.1. Leslie Marmon Silko, Silko’s Great-­ Grandparents and Grandfather 66 2.2. Leslie Marmon Silko, Three Generations of Silko’s Relatives 68 2.3. Leslie Marmon Silko, Grandma Marie Reading to Silko’s Sisters 69 2.4. Leslie Marmon Silko, Enchanted Mesa, Kat’sima 70 2.5. Leslie Marmon Silko, Photographing the Photographer 72 2.6. Leslie Marmon Silko, Sacred Water (light blue cover) 76 2.7. Leslie Marmon Silko, Spring Rain Clouds 78 2.8. Leslie Marmon Silko, Water Lilies after Rain 79 2.9. Leslie Marmon Silko, Rocks 80 3.1. Art Spiegelman, Jewish Identity and Nazi Power 90 3.2. Art Spiegelman, Artie at His Drawing Desk 92 3.3. Art Spiegelman, As Amanuensis, Artie Links Past and Present 96 3.4. Art Spiegelman, The Past Intrudes upon the Present 97 3.5. Art Spiegelman, Framing the Past 98 3.6. Art Spiegelman, Text as Image and Sound: AAWOOWWAH! 100 3.7. Art Spiegelman, Repetition of Trauma 102 3.8. Art Spiegelman, Reproduced Family Photographs 104 3.9. Art Spiegelman, Re-­presented Family Photographs 106 3.10. Art Spiegelman, Multiple Conclusions 108 3.11. Art Spiegelman, The Past Hangs over the Future, 1992 110 4.1. Julie Chen, Listening, 1992 (flag book) 121 4.2. Julie Chen, Life Time, 1996 (tunnel book with concertina binding) 122 4.3. Julie Chen, Bon Bon Mots: A Fine Assortment of Books, 1998 (box closed) 124 4.4. Julie Chen, Bon Bon Mots: A Fine Assortment of Books, 1998 (box open) 125 4.5. Julie Chen, Bon Bon Mots: A Fine Assortment of Books, 1998 (five individual books inside box) 126 4.6. Julie Chen, True to Life, 2004 (tablet or slate book showing a variety of hybrid and single-­ page formats) 130 4.7. Julie Chen, View, volume 1: Mise en Scène, 2006 (cut-­ out book with opaque inset) 133 4.8. Julie Chen, View, volume 2: Afterimage, 2006 (handmade book with inset text) 135 4.9. Julie Chen, View, 2006 (internal diorama) 137 4.10. Julie Chen and Barb Tetenbaum, Glimpse, 2011 (title page of flap book with inserts) 138 4.11. Julie Chen and Barb Tetenbaum, Glimpse, 2011 (inside) 139 5.1. Hangul, Korean Script. Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Dictée, 1982 150 5.2. Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Mouth to Mouth, 1975 152 5.3. Diagrams of Speech. Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Dictée, 1982 154 5.4. Close-­ up Still Shot of Renée Jeanne Falconetti as Jeanne d’Arc in La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc (1928) 157 5.5. Interlocking Narrative. Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Dictée, 1982 162 6.1. Carrie Mae Weems, Van and Vera with Kids in the Kitchen 175 6.2. Carrie Mae Weems. Mirror, Mirror. Ain’t Jokin’ 176 6.3. Carrie Mae Weems, Untitled (Man...


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