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ix ACKNOWLEDGMENTS THIS PROJECT was born out of a love of food. Through the encouragement and dedication of my remarkable mentor, Jaime Harker, it became a project about the women who write about food. Jaime taught me to see the women behind the pages, to recover and value the voices of those who may never stand at a podium but who nonetheless contribute in immense and varied ways to the development of American culture. This desire to see women’s activities that often pass unnoticed in daily life has informed and transformed my scholarship, my teaching, and my world. I am honored to call Jaime my mentor and my friend, and I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me. I am so grateful for the friends and colleagues who read all or part of this manuscript and offered suggestions and encouragement. I want to thank Lisa Shaver, Michael-John DePalma, Sam Perry, Kristen Pond, Kacy Tillman, Lindsey Trozzo, and Dan Walden for wading through early drafts, honing more polished chapters, and reminding me over so many lunches and dinners why I fell in love with cookbooks in the first place. I would also like to thank Les Ballard for the hours he spent editing chapters and advising my revision process. I am thankful to David A.Davis,Tara Powell,and the readers of Writing in the Kitchen (University of Mississippi Press, 2004) for publishing and offering feedback on an early version of chapter 5. I am thankful to the members of my writing group—Jacqueline, Meghan, Paul, and Liang—for holding me accountable to my goals and offering advice to achieve them. I am also thankful for the early support of my dissertation committee members, Kathryn McKee, Peter Reed, Julia Ehrhardt, and of course, Jaime Harker, for telling me that this project could and should be a book. It has changed so much since that July afternoon in Bondurant Hall, and your feedback inspired me to make it happen. I also want to thank my excellent editors,Joshua Shanholtzer and Alex Wolfe,and the anonymous reviewers at the University of Pittsburgh Press. The thorough and constructive feedback I received led me to paths I might never have pursued otherwise,and this project is so much the better for it.I would also like to thank David Bartholomae and Jean Ferguson Carr for including my work in the Pittsburgh Series in Composition, Literacy, and Culture. I am honored to be part of this series, the volumes in which have informed my own work significantly. I want to thank my wonderful research assistants whose work has been invaluable throughout this process. Thank you to my undergraduate research assistants , Aya Farhat, Brennan Saddler, and Natalie Saleh, who worked with me at every stage and celebrated with me when we achieved a goal. And thank you to my graduate research assistant, John Moist, who worked on this project as if it were his own. Thank you for the countless hours spent searching through archives , tracking down sources, reading drafts, offering suggestions, and talking through ideas. Thank you for teaching me that being a mentor means letting someone see your struggles as well as your successes. This book would not be what it is today without you, and I cannot fully express my gratitude for all that you’ve done. I am thankful for the institutional support I received to research and complete this project. I am so thankful to Baylor University for the summer sabbatical that allowed me to complete several chapters of the book, and for the fall research leave that gave me time to complete final revisions.I am also grateful to the University of Mississippi for the dissertation fellowship that allowed me to complete an early version of this manuscript. I am grateful for my amazing colleagues in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core who make our work environment inspiring, enlightening, and challenging. I want to thank Lenore Wright and Anne-Marie Schultz for their steadfast mentorship and genuine interest in my research and my life, for teaching me about writing logs, and for making time for monthly coffees. And I want to thank Sam Perry, for always being willing to talk about an idea and offer new perspectives, and for demonstrating every day how empathy and care for others, combined with loyalty and perseverance, informs good research. I could not ask for a better friend and colleague. I want to thank my parents, Norman and Pamela Wurgler, for...


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