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107 This portrait of me when I was a US senator from Maryland was painted by Marshal Bouldin, of Clarksdale, Mississippi, and currently hangs in Tydings Hall on the campus of the University of Maryland in College Park. Tydings family photo. 108 My adoptive father, Millard Tydings (far right), as a senior engineering student at the Maryland Agricultural Technical College (predecessor of the University of Maryland) in 1910. Tydings family photo. Millard Tydings was a World War I hero. Tydings family photo. 109 My mother, Eleanor Tydings. Tydings family photo. Granddad (Ambassador Joseph Davies, left) visited with Prime Minister Winston Churchill at Chequers in May 1945 after serving as one of four US representatives to the Potsdam Conference. Between them is the US ambassador to the United Kingdom, John Gilbert Winant. Tydings family photo. 110 Oakington, the Tydings family home in Harford County, Maryland. Tydings family photo. Christmas Day in 1938 at Oakington with my adoptive father, Senator Millard Tydings, my new 20-gauge shotgun, and my new canoe. Folder 1, Box 1, Series 6, Eleanor Tydings Ditzen Papers, Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries. Family Christmas in 1936 at Mar-a-Lago, the estate my step-grandmother, Marjorie Post Davies, built in Palm Beach, Florida. In 1985, the property was purchased by the New York real estate developer, and now US President, Donald J. Trump. Left to right: my mother, Eleanor Tydings ; my step-cousin, Marjorie (Mahwe) Durant; my step-grandmother, Marjorie Post Davies; my grandfather, Ambassador Joseph Davies; my sister, Eleanor; and myself, age eight. Folder 5, Box 1, Series 6, Eleanor Tydings Ditzen Papers, Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries. 111 Here is another picture of me in my fifth grade McDonogh uniform taken at a Christmas holiday performance in New York in 1938. With me to my left is my granddad (Joseph E. Davies) and to the right is “Mummy Da,” my wonderful step-grandmother, Marjorie Post Davies. Tydings family photo. In my McDonogh uniform in fifth grade, dancing with my sister, Eleanor, at our Aunt Emlen Grosjean’s wedding at Oakington. Tydings family photo. 112 Here I am as a senior cadet cavalry officer at the McDonogh School in Baltimore County, Maryland, during the 1945–46 school year. Tydings family photo. With twenty-eight sails flying, I returned to the United States from Europe in 1939 aboard the beautiful sailing yacht Sea Cloud, owned by my step-grandmother,­ Marjorie Post Davies. Tydings family photo. 113 My grandfather, Joseph Davies (right), and his friend Ned Tinker (second from left) see us off from Ostend, Belgium, for our return trip from Europe in 1939 aboard Marjorie Post Davies’s fabulous yacht, Sea Cloud. Also aboard for the trip home were Judge Richard Smith Whaley (center) and my grandfather’s law partner, Ray Beebe (second from right). Folder 5, Box 1, Series 6, Eleanor Tydings Ditzen Papers, Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries. Whenever my grandfather (Joseph E. Davies) was aboard the beautiful Sea Cloud, he always wore this boating hat, which featured the New York Yacht Club insignia. Tydings family photo. 114 At the 1940 Democratic National Convention in Chicago: (left to right) my grandfather, Ambassador Joseph Davies; me; my mother, Eleanor Tydings; and the Maryland “favorite son” candidate for president , my father, Senator Millard Tydings. Tydings family photo. My mother and father (left) and my sister (now Eleanor Tydings Russell) and I dressed for a costume ball held at Oakington, our Harford County home. Tydings family photo. 115 My grandfather, Ambassador Joseph Davies; my father and mother, Senator Millard Tydings and Eleanor Tydings; and my step-grandmother, Marjorie Post Davies, at the January 1949 inaugural ball for President Harry S. Truman. Tydings family photo. Dad chaired the powerful Senate Armed Services Committee 1949–1951. Seated (left to right): Democratic senators Lester C. Hunt of Wyoming; Estes Kefauver of Tennessee; Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas; Harry Flood Byrd of Virginia; Richard B. Russell of Georgia; Millard Tydings of Maryland, committee chair; and Republican senators Styles Bridges of New Hampshire; John “Chan” Gurney of South Dakota; Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts ; Wayne Morse of Oregon; Raymond E. Baldwin of Connecticut; and William F. Knowland of California. (Not pictured is Democrat Virgil Chapman of Kentucky.) Tydings family photo. 116 As chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee and author of the Philippine Independence Act, my father met with General Douglas MacArthur in the Philippines as part of the celebration of the independence of the country . Tydings family photo. My father...


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