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xi It is difficult to fully thank those who have been part of my involvement with the Lange/Ferguson site for more than 35 years. Accomplishing the fieldwork and associated research, and finally bringing this publication to fruition, would never have been possible without the friendship and personal commitment of many individuals. My profound thanks go to the David B. Jones Foundation , which provided funding for the sustained effort necessary to bring the complete Lange/Ferguson manuscript to publication. I only wish that I could thank David in person. Two of my coworkers at the Augustana University Archeology Laboratory must be singled out for special recognition. Austin Buhta, colleague and staff archaeologist , assisted tirelessly in the reworking, writing, and layout of the final manuscript; his persistence and attention to detail are praiseworthy. Lynette Rossum, lab administrator , technical editor, and partner through it all, has provided unwavering support for this project for over 30 years; her encouragement, patience, perseverance, and editorial skills are much admired and often unacknowledged. My stalwart colleagues Pat Shipman, Marvin Kay, and Glen Fredlund have borne the many years of delays in this book reaching publication; their excellent work is vital to this effort. For their outstanding recent contributions, I thank Eric Grimm and Manuel Palacios-Fest. I thank C. Vance Haynes for his tenaciousness in producing the geomorphology section. Mike Waters and Tom Stafford provided bone collagen dates critical for securing the precision of the bonebed chronology. Rolfe Mandel provided pivotal assistance with the geoarchaeology. A. Byron Leonard* collected and analyzed the molluscan fauna and provided a rare level of academic humanism . Everett White* spent many grueling hours in the field and laboratory preparing the geological history and soils analysis for Lange/Ferguson. During the 1981 field season , Jim Martin directed the collection and analysis of the paleontological fauna from Lange/Ferguson. George Frison, C. Vance Haynes, and Dennis Stanford visited the site and contributed valuable insights concerning aspects of Clovis cultural and technocomplex strategies . A series of conversations with Rob Bonnichsen* and Richard Morlan* provided important unpublished data regarding the state of the art in Paleo-Indian flaked bone studies. Peter Winham, friend and former colleague, bore up under many midnight discussions and always provided professional assistance. Alan Outram has been there as a friend for over a decade and has generously shared his professional expertise. It goes without saying that I owe much to Les Ferguson ,* whose tireless enthusiasm and desire for knowledge of the prehistoric inhabitants of the Badlands led him to the locality years earlier. I thank Paul Putz, former director of the South Dakota Historic Preservation Center (HPC), and Steve Ruple, former HPC archaeologist, for their unremitting support. Without their initial funding and allowance of many eccentricities, it would have been impossible to implement these investigations. The National Geographic Society and Burlington Northern Foundation also provided excavation funding. Casey,* Cole, Susan, and Joy Lange virtually adopted me and my associates and demonstrated an extraordinary level of friendship and support, thereby making the project both logistically possible and exceptionally pleasant . Lois and Bob* Rossum provided meals, lodging, and a washing machine for many an errant archaeologist. Bruce Blair and his staff, whose exceptional skills allowed a considerable savings of hand excavation, accomplished the backhoe work needed to remove the culturally sterile overburden. acknowledgments *deceased xii Acknowledgments Crew members during the three seasons of excavations included Craig DeTample, Pete Froelich, Bob Jerlstrom, Bill Lee, John Pinsof, Melinda Ritter, and Bill Soeffing. To these individuals go sincere thanks for their generally cheerful countenance throughout often less-than-pleasant field conditions. Considerable assistance in excavation was provided by Ramona Avalline and Roswitha Weiler, who enrolled in a short field course through the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, and a sturdy group of volunteers including Bill Butler, John Butterbrodt, Stephen Chomko, Larry Grantham, Rhoda Owen Lewis,* Ed Lueck, Tim Nowak,* Lynette Rossum, Cindy Sloan, Arkie Snocker, and Kathy and Peter Winham. Bill McCracken* and Larry Zwieg, formerly of Banner Associates in Brookings, South Dakota, donated many hours toward the civil survey and mapping of the Lange/ Ferguson locale and bonebed elements. Larry Deibert and the staff of Horizons, Inc., of Rapid City, South Dakota, produced the excellent legal land survey and contour map based on the ground survey and aerial photometric data. Laura P. Waack produced a fine map of the White River Badlands region. Kate Appleby produced the excellent map of the Lange/Ferguson bonebed. Rebecca L. Johnson produced the superb technical drawings...


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