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contents Preface ix Acknowledgments xi PART I 1 The Site Locale and Archaeological Investigations 3 L. Adrien Hannus PART II 2 Late-Glacial Vegetation from Stratum C, Lange/Ferguson Mammoth Site: Pollen and Opal Phytolith Evidence 17 Eric C. Grimm and Glen G. Fredlund 3 Geochronology of the Lange/Ferguson Clovis Site 29 C. Vance Haynes Jr. 4 Stratum C Paleoecology at the Lange/Ferguson Mammoth Site 61 Manuel R. Palacios-Fest 5 Ecological and Climatic Implications of Fossil Mollusks at the Lange/Ferguson Mammoth Site 75 A. Byron Leonard PART III 6 Bone Structure and Taphonomic Processes 89 L. Adrien Hannus 7 Taphonomic Evidence at Lange/Ferguson 111 L. Adrien Hannus 8 A Scanning Electron Microscopy Evaluation of the Lange/Ferguson Mammoth Bone Assemblage: Bone Fracture, Technology, and Use-Wear in Taphonomic Context 117 Pat Shipman 9 Patterns of Natural and Cultural Disarticulation 137 L. Adrien Hannus 10 The Butchering Sequence at Lange/Ferguson 143 L. Adrien Hannus 11 The Lange/Ferguson Artifact Assemblage 149 L. Adrien Hannus 12 Use-Wear Analysis of the Lange/Ferguson Chipped Stone Artifacts 201 Marvin Kay PART IV 13 Summary and Conclusions 213 L. Adrien Hannus References Cited 223 Contributors 241 Index 243 ...