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Epilogue M y brothers, Bobby and Karl, mean the world to me. We have traveled an incredible journey together. Bobby earned an associate degree from Amarillo College , a bachelor’s degree from Hardin-­ Simmons, and master’s and doctorate degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He was a pastor for twenty years. After he left the ministry, he worked in the defense industry for eighteen years. He then went to work as the executive director of the Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Alumni Association and served in dual roles for the ranch in supporting alumni activities . Bobby has three grown children. He and his wife, Cindy, live in Arlington, Texas. Karl earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from California State University and a master’s degree from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. He also became a minister and served for nearly forty years, including time spent as the chaplain at Boys Ranch. After he retired from the ministry, he became a very successful photographer (http://​ www​ .luv2shootu​ .com). He and his wife, Debbie, live in the San Francisco area and have two grown sons. My son, David, has been my greatest blessing. David earned a bachelor ’s degree in business administration from West Texas A&M in 2001. He worked for United Parcel Service (UPS) and retired after twenty-­ two years of service. He and his longtime girlfriend, Ann, live in Amarillo , Texas. David is a now a licensed landscape irrigator. Additionally, he and Ann specialize in house remodeling. David’s daughter and my only grandchild, Katy, lives in Austin, Texas, and is pursuing her own dreams. She is twenty-­ five years old. 308 • The Grand Duke from Boys Ranch Gene and Tommy Sue Peggram are retired and still live in Amarillo, Texas. Guy Finstad became the executive director of the Vocational Agricultural Teachers Association of Texas. Guy and Geneva Finstad are now enjoying retirement in Cranfills Gap, Texas. Wesley Masters died in October 2015. He was seventy-­ seven years old. Wesley lived almost twenty more years after he was released from prison in Switzerland. For the past eighteen years, Aaron Alejandro has served as the executive director of the Texas FFA Foundation. He continues to travel the state of Texas promoting the Texas FFA. Aaron and his family live in Wichita Falls, Texas. President Vytautas Landsbergis still resides in Lithuania. He is eighty-­ five years old. Lieutenant Governor Bill Hobby lives in Houston, Texas. He is eighty-six years old. In 2004, I married my best friend, Jenny Barnett, from Lake Charles, Louisiana. She is my true inspiration. Jenny is a finance executive in the health care industry. Jenny and I split our time between the eastern shore of Maryland and Texas. Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch still stands strong today under the leadership of President Dan Adams and his board, who have successfully led the organization for more than thirteen years. Under Dan’s leadership , the organization has improved significantly. Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch is not the same Boys Ranch of fifty years ago. The mission of Me, my brother Karl, my son David, and my brother Bobby. Courtesy of the Sarpalius family. Epilogue • 309 Cal Farley remains strong to this day. Thousands of lives have been changed for the better because of Cal Farley—his dream, dedication, and unyielding commitment to helping others. I would not have had the chance to travel my incredible journey if not for Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch. I am one of many who is proud to call Boys Ranch home. My brother’s family and I have continued to support the ranch over the years. The Boys Ranch rodeo is still held every Labor Day weekend. Jenny and I try to attend as often as possible. In 2017, our 1967 Boys Ranch graduating class celebrated our fifty-­ year reunion in Amarillo, Texas, over the Labor Day weekend so that we could attend the rodeo. In 2017, Jenny and I donated all my legislative memorabilia to Boys Ranch. The ranch re-­ created my “legislative” office in my honor in the old Tascosa Courthouse building. In March 2019, Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch will celebrate its eightieth anniversary. My son, David, and my granddaughter, Katy. Courtesy of the Sarpalius family. My wife, Jenny. Courtesy of the Sarpalius family. ...


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