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Acknowledgments I have a pretty good memory, but I also have lived a pretty long and active life, and the details of long-ago events, precisely when things happened, who was involved, and what was said, are frequently hard to recall with any precision. To help me and John pin down these details, we did a fair amount of research, but we also relied heavily on my friends and former colleagues who were there with me and who were able to refresh my memory by recalling stories or the specifics of stories that I had forgotten. Whenever possible, we have used verbatim quotes from participants in my story, but in some cases we had to rely on quotes as best as I or my colleagues could recall them. Threepeopleinparticulargavehoursof theirtimediscussingmy early years as US attorney and my later years in the US Senate: Steve Sachs, Hardin Marion, and John McEvoy. Beyond spending hours recounting the stories of our times together, all three read draft chapters, offered commentsandedits,filledintheblanks,andsuggesteddeletions,changes in tone or emphasis, or provided other advice that helped us throughout this book. Sachs and Marion were helpful in recalling our years together as young prosecutors, and Marion and McEvoy remembered stories from our years together in the Senate in ways that staff can often see and recall but a senator cannot. I also wish to thank Alan Wurtzel, my first legislativeassistant,whogaveof histimetodiscussmyearlySenateyears. I also want to thank the author Priscilla Cummings, who happens to be John Frece’s wife and his first and most trusted reader, for her insights and suggestions throughout this process. It was Priscilla’s idea, for example , that my epilogue be written in the form of an open letter to my grandchildren . Mark Wasserman, senior vice president for the University of Maryland Medical System, also contributed his insight into the workings of the system board, on which I still actively serve. xii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Much of the research for this book was done at the Hornbake Library of the University of Maryland, where we were lucky to have the expert assistance of Anne S. K. Turkos, the university archivist, and Elizabeth A. Novara, curator for historical manuscripts and special collections, including the Joseph D. Tydings Papers, which are on deposit there. Other research was done through the treasure trove of old newspaper clips—Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, New York Times, and more— that are now fully digitized and easily accessible by computer from the Baltimore County Public Library. Thanks also to Suzanne Wooton, a former Baltimore Sun and Washington Post editor, who volunteered her time to read through and edit the manuscript. Over the years that we worked on this book, I also consulted Jo-Ann Orlinsky, Al Figinski, and Truman Semans and appreciate their help. Finally, our thanks to Jay Dew, our editor at Texas A&M University Press, who agreed to take on this project and has been a pleasure to work with in every conversation we have had. Joseph D. Tydings Harford County, Maryland John W. Frece Annapolis, Maryland ...


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