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Contents Foreword, by Joe Biden ix Acknowledgments xi Part I. A Political Life Chapter 1. Against the Grain 1 Chapter 2. Oakington 9 Chapter 3. A Plan for Life 30 Part II. Reform and Independence Chapter 4. Against the Legislative Tide 47 Chapter 5. Regulating Savings and Loan Associations 61 Chapter 6. Kennedy Man 72 Chapter 7. A Prosecutor the Organization Didn’t Want 90 Chapter 8. A Thirty-Two-Month Learning Experience 96 Chapter 9. A Tangle of Savings and Loan Scams 133 Chapter 10. Kidnapping, Murder, and Assassination 154 Chapter 11. Challenging the Democratic Machine 166 Chapter 12. A Break with the Past 185 Part III. A Freshman Senator’s Voice Chapter 13. Defending the Great Warren Court Decisions 195 Chapter 14. “A Voteless People Is a Hopeless People” 210 Chapter 15. Fairness in Federal Court 230 Chapter 16. Congress and the City of Washington 247 CONTENTS viii Part IV. The Hardest Fights Chapter 17. Vietnam and the Political Costs of War 263 Chapter 18. The Environment and Overpopulation 277 Chapter 19. Gun Control 292 Chapter 20. One Progressive Position Too Many 304 Chapter 21. Citizen Public Service 324 Epilogue: An Open Letter to My Grandchildren (and Their Generation) 339 Selected Bibliography 345 Index 347 A gallery of images follows page 106. ...


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