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CHAPTER 6 Clinical Manifestations of Acute and Chronic Drug-­ Induced Iatrogenic Cardiovascular Diseases and Syndromes 47 Ihor B. Gussak, Gan-­ Xin Yan, Arshad Jahangir, Georg Gussak, and John B. Kostis CHAPTER 7 Drug-­ Induced Cardiac Arrhythmias and Sudden Cardiac Death 62 Aalap Narichania, Yasuhiro Yokoyama, and Win K. Shen CHAPTER 8 Chemotherapy-­Induced Cardiomyopathy 77 Edo Y. Birati and Mariell Jessup CHAPTER 9 Iatrogenicity of Blood Pressure Mea­ sure­ ment in the Diagnosis of Hypertension 88 Thomas D. Giles, Gary E. Sander, and Camilo Fernandez CHAPTER 10 Antihypertensive Drug–­ Induced Iatrogenic Cardiovascular Syndromes 101 Rigas G. Kalaitzidis and George L. Bakris CHAPTER 11 Iatrogenicity of Cardiovascular Drugs Associated With Cardiac and Noncardiac Toxicities: Antihypertensive Agents and Biologics 116 Evelyn R. Hermes-­ DeSantis and Joseph A. Barone CHAPTER 12 Iatrogenic Aspects of Hypertension in Pregnancy: Focus on Preeclampsia 143 Costas Thomopoulos and Thomas Makris CHAPTER 13­ Women and Iatrogenic Cardiovascular Disease: Menopausal Estrogen as the Prime Suspect 156 Gloria Bachmann, Nancy Phillips, and Margaret Rees Contributors ix The Concept of Iatrogenicity 1 John B. Kostis and Ihor B. Gussak PART I Medical Harm Ihor B. Gussak and William J. Kostis CHAPTER 1 Iatrogenicity: Definition, History, and Modern Context 5 Maria L. Gussak, Ihor B. Gussak, and John B. Kostis CHAPTER 2 Epidemiology and Public Health Aspects and Implications of Iatrogenicity: Regulatory, ­ Legal and Ethical Dimensions 16 Miriam A. Gonzalez-­ Siegel and Stephen K. Jones CHAPTER 3 Risk Management: The Medical Center Administration Perspective 22 Stephen K. Jones and Miriam A. Gonzalez-­Siegel CHAPTER 4 Iatrogenicity from the Patient’s Perspective 28 Jeanne M. Dobrzynski CHAPTER 5 A Naturopathic Perspective on Iatrogenesis 34 Christie Fleetwood PART II Iatrogenicity of Cardiovascular Drugs and Cardiovascular Toxicity of Noncardiac Drugs Arshad Jahangir and Gan-Xin Yan Contents vi / Contents CHAPTER 20 Iatrogenicity Associated With Interventional Treatment Modalities in Cardiology 233 Naga Venkata Pothineni, Aatish Garg, Hakan Paydak, and Jawahar L. Mehta CHAPTER 21 Iatrogenicity of Diagnostic and Therapeutic, Invasive and Noninvasive Cardiovascular Interventions, Devices, and Surgeries 243 Michael Behnes, Tobias Becher, Stefan Baumann, Uzair Ansari, and Ibrahim Akin CHAPTER 22 Iatrogenic Aspects of Cardiac Electrophysiology 255 Boris Rudic, Erol Tülümen, Volker Liebe, and Martin Borggrefe CHAPTER 23 Iatrogenic Aspects in Cardiac Device Therapy 271 Susanne Röger and Jürgen Kuschyk CHAPTER 24 Cardiovascular Iatrogenicity of Respiratory Therapeutic Modalities 287 Michael S. Nolledo, Pauline O. Lerma, and Teodoro V. Santiago PART IV Iatrogenic Aspects of Sport Cardiology and Lifestyle Modifications Giovanni Campanile, John B. Kostis, and Ihor B. Gussak CHAPTER 25 Trained Athletes 309 Gino Seravalle, Guido Grassi, and Giuseppe Mancia CHAPTER 26 Sports Cardiology 318 Giovanni Campanile CHAPTER 27 Dangers of Lifestyle Modification Advice 327 Giovanni Campanile CHAPTER 14 Iatrogenic Aspects of Lipid-­ Lowering, Antiplatelet, and Anticoagulant Agents 163 Konstantinos Tsioufis, Dimitris Konstantinidis, Nikolaos Vogiatzakis, Kyriakos Dimitriadis, and Dimitris Tousoulis CHAPTER 15 Iatrogenic Effects of Urologic Drugs on the Cardiovascular System 175 Konstantinos Stavropoulos, Chrysoula Boutari, Konstantinos Imprialos, Vasilios Papademetriou, and Michael Doumas CHAPTER 16 Iatrogenicity and Antianginal Drugs 188 Abel E. Moreyra and William J. Kostis CHAPTER 17 Antidiabetic Drugs and Cardiovascular Risk: Where Do We Stand? 194 Rajesh Kumar CHAPTER 18 Cardiovascular Iatrogenicity in Older Adults 205 Ariba Khan, Fatima Ali, Vibha Iyengar, Yuya Hagiwara, VJ Periyakoil, Neela Patel, and Michael Malone PART III Iatrogenicity of Diagnostic and Therapeutic, Invasive and Noninvasive Cardiovascular Interventions, Devices, and Surgeries Ibrahim Akin, Martin Borggrefe, and William J. Kostis CHAPTER 19 Iatrogenic Aspects of Noninvasive and Invasive Diagnostic Methods in Interventional Cardiology 221 Christina Dösch, Dirk Loßnitzer, and Theano Papavassiliu Contents / vii PART V Iatrogenicity of Dietary Supplements, Herbal Products, and Other Nontraditional Therapies in Cardiovascular Medicine Arshad Jahangir, Ihor B. Gussak, and John B. Kostis CHAPTER 28 Safety of Dietary and Herbal Supplements: Side Effects and Contraindications 337 Sulaiman Sultan, Ahad Jahangir, Ihor B. Gussak, A. Jamil Tajik, and Arshad Jahangir CHAPTER 29 Interactions Between Supplements and Medi­cations 370 Sulaiman Sultan, Ahad Jahangir, Ihor B. Gussak, John B. Kostis, A. Jamil Tajik, and Arshad Jahangir Index 415 ...


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