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149 Acknowledgments This book began as a dissertation in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and I am enormously grateful to my dissertation directors, Jennifer Ann Ho and María DeGuzmán, for reading and commenting on multiple drafts of that project. The book is immeasurably stronger for their guidance; any faults, of course, remain my own. I would also like to thank the other members of my dissertation committee , Ruth Salvaggio, Minrose Gwin, and Laura Halperin, for their suggestions and enthusiasm; thanks especially to Ruth for the word “cartographies.” The Department of English and Comparative Literature at UNC awarded me two dissertation grants, which allowed me eight months of research time and for which I am very grateful. I send thanks to the anonymous readers of the book manuscript , who provided valuable insights and detailed comments, and to Steve Alfaro for allowing me to use his beautiful art as a cover. Finally, thanks to Leslie Mitchner and all the staff at Rutgers University Press for their help and guidance throughout the publishing process. I am fortunate to have colleague-­ friends at UNC and Duke who have both assisted me and inspired me with their own work. Thanks to John Ribó, Christina Lee, and Huiman Barnhart for their help with (often obscure) translation questions . My friends in the Literature of the Americas working group at UNC, especially Gale Greenlee, María Durán, Jameela Dallis, and Becka Garonzik, provided valuable companionship during the writing process. At the Thompson Writing Program, colleagues too numerous to name make working at Duke a pleasure. To these friends and others, thank you for celebrating this book with me. Writingabookisalong-­termendeavor,andcreditmustalsogotothosewhose love and support have sustained me and shaped my understanding of the world. Thanks to Maya Socolovsky and Ellen Arnold for introducing me to Latina/o literature and Ethnic Studies and for their encouragement as I returned to academia after many years away. Thanks to the women in my Los Angeles mothers’ group—Ariella Fiore, Liz Escobar Glover, Maria Juarez, Amy Hamamura Klosterman , Sabrina Lamberson, Christy Sauté, and Jen Tsai—and to my husband’s family—the Thananopavarns, Boonsues, and Ostis—for making the LatinAsian cartographies of Los Angeles my home. To the many friends whose texts and phone calls have brightened my days, especially Jasmine Ueng-­ McHale, Patricia Bachiller, Vanessa Woods, and Leyf Starling, thank you for your friendship and for keeping me going. And finally, thanks to the women at Spanish for Fun Academy (especially Keila, Aury, Livia, and Graciela) for caring for my youngest 150 Acknowledgments child while I wrote and instilling in her a love of the Spanish language. To all of you—this book is for our children. To my family, I send my deepest thanks. I am grateful to my in-­ laws, Srisook Boonsue and the late Chalemphol Thananopavarn, for always welcoming and supporting my academic endeavors. To my parents, Sally Bramley and the late Michael Bramley (whom I miss daily), words are not enough. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for always understanding my passion for education and justice. Your unwavering love and support have made all the difference. To my husband Paul, thank you for believing in this project and in me. We make a good team. And above all, thank you to my children: Adrian, Claire, and Eve. You are my inspiration and hope for the future. This book is dedicated to you. ...


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