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Photographic and artwork credits The production of this book would not have been possible without the generous support of the many photographers who kindly supplied their images . In total, over 600 images are featured, representing the work of 92 photographers . Thanks go to the photographers who generously provided access to their entire portfolio of images, and whose work is featured extensively throughout the book . In this respect, particular thanks are due to Andy and Gill Swash (WorldWildlifeImages .com), Hugh Harrop (shetlandwildlife .co .uk), Matt Rowlings (eurobutterflies . com), Luís Dias (www .venturadomar .com), MarkusVaresvuo, PaulVerluyten (flickr .com/ photos/12001191@N07), Dave Smallshire, Jaime A . de Urioste (Fundación Neotrópico),TimTaylor (wildimaging .co .uk), Joachim Bertrands (flickr .com/photos/141891542@N04), Raymond de Smet (pbase .com/raydes), Juan Sagardia Pradera, and MikeWatson and Keith Regan . Thanks are also due to Marc Guyt, Roy de Haas andWil Leurs at the Agami photo agency in the Netherlands (agami .nl) for their invaluable help in sourcing many of the images . The contribution of every photographer is gratefully acknowledged and each image is itemized in this section, together with the photographer’s initials, as coded in the following list: Aah-Yeah [AY]; Ajith U [AU]; Leonardo Ancillotto (flickr .com/photos/leonardoancillotto) [LA]; Miloš Anděra [MA]; Miloš Balla [MBa]; Bill Baston (Agami .nl) [BB]; Matthieu Berroneau (matthieu-berroneau . fr) [MBe]; Joachim Bertrands (flickr .com/photos/141891542@N04) [JBe]; John Bowler [JBo]; Keith Chapman [KC]; Roger & Liz Charlwood (WorldWildlifeImages .com) [RLC];Yua-Chan Chen [YCC]; Mike Danzenbaker (Agami .nl) [MDan]; Mark Darlaston [MDar]; Roy de Haas (Agami .nl) [RdH]; Raymond de Smet (pbase .com/raydes) [RdS]; Greg &Yvonne Dean (WorldWildlifeImages .com) [GYD]; Luís Dias [LD]; Iosto Doneddu (flickr .com/photos/38480380@N05) [ID];Theo Douma (Agami .nl) [TD]; Bernard Dupont [BD]; Juan Emilio [JE];Teresa Farino [TF]; El Coleccionista de Instantes de Fotographía [ECIF]; Hans Germeraad (Agami .nl) [HG]; Lee Gregory (flickr .com/photos/lee_gregory) [LG]; Marc Guyt (Agami .nl) [MG]; Gail Hampshire [GH]; Hugh Harrop (shetlandwildlife .co .uk) [HH]; Stanislav Harvančík [SH]; R . Hutterer [RH]; Dan Irizarry [DI]; Pavel Kirillov [PK]; David Kjaer (davidkjaer .com) [DK]; A . N . Sunesh Kumar [ASK];Vincent Legrand (Agami .nl) [VL];Wil Leurs (Agami .nl) [WL]; Karel Mauer (Agami .nl) [KM]; Arnold Meijer (Agami .nl) [AM]; Pete Morris (Agami .nl) [PM];Tomi Muukkonen (Agami .nl) [TM]; Rolf Nagel (flickr .com/photos/99927961@N06) [RN]; Jens Neef [JN]; Erland Refling Nielsen (flickr .com/photos/23985726@N05) [ERN]; Daniele Occhiato (Agami .nl) [DO]; Rob Olivier (Agami .nl) [RO]; Arie Ouwerkerk (Agami .nl) [AO]; Jari Peltomäki (Agami .nl) [JP];Tomáš Peš [TP]; Ferran Pestaña [FP]; Lars Petersson (larsfoto .se) [LP];Walter P . Pfliegler (flickr .com/photos/walter_pfliegler) [WPP]; Juan Sagardia Pradera [JSP]; DavidV . Raju [DVR]; Noemí Rodriguez [NR]; Matt Rowlings (eurobutterflies .com) [MR]; Pablo Martinez-Darve Sanz (flickr .com/photos/blezsp) [PMDS]; Ran Schols (Agami .nl) [RS];Tim Sheerman-Chase [TSC]; Dave Smallshire [DS];Walter Soestbergen (Agami . nl) [WS]; Laurens Steijn (Agami .nl) [LS];Tim Stenton [TS]; Andy & Gill Swash (WorldWildlifeImages . com) [AGS];TimTaylor (wildimaging .co .uk) [TT]; DavidTipling (birdphoto .co .uk) [DT]; JukkaToivanen (flickr .com/photos/155315483@N07) [JT]; DomingoTrujillo González [DTG]; U .S . Fish andWildlife Service Southeast [USFWC]; Jaime A . de Urioste [JdU]; DineshValke [DV]; Harvey van Diek (Agami . nl) [HvD]; Menno van Duijn (Agami .nl) [MvD]; Nils van Duivendijk (Agami .nl) [NvD]; Chris van Rijswijk (Agami .nl) [CvR]; LiesVan Rompaey [LVR]; Rohan vanTwest (flickr .com/photos/90638772@N02) [RvT]; MarkusVaresvuo [MVa]; FrankVassen [FV]; MartijnVerdoes (Agami .nl) [MVe]; PaulVerluyten (flickr . com/photos/12001191@N07) [PV]; MikeWatson & Keith Regan [MW&KR]; MartinWiemers [MW]; WimWilmers (Agami .nl) [WW] . Images reproduced under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2 .0 Generic license, the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3 .0 Unported license or the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4 .0 International license are indicated with“/CC”after the photographer’s initials . Images sourced via the photographic agencies Alamy (Alamy .com), FLPA (flpa-images .co .uk), NaturePhoto (naturephoto-cz .com) or Shutterstock (shutterstock .com) are credited in full . 214 The codes used in the credits below are as follows: CC = Central Canaries; E = Eastern; EC = Eastern Canaries; EH = El Hierro; GC = Gran Canaria; LG = La Gomera; LP = Las Palmas; M = Madeira; N = Northern; S = Southern;Ten . =Tenerife; W =Western;WC =Western Canaries . ad . = adult; br . = breeding plumage; fem . = female; fl . = flight; imm . = immature; juv . = juvenile; nonbr . = non-breeding plumage . Cover Atlantic Canary [LD]. Frontispiece SpermWhale [LD]. p10 Rock stacks, Madeira [JBo]. p11 Saltmarsh, Fuerteventura [JBo]; Reservoir, Fuerteventura [JBo]. p12 Sandy desert, Fuerteventura [JBo]; Rocky...


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